The 10 Best Thanksgiving Crafts on Pinterest

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that means spending time with friends, visiting with family, and of course filling your belly plenty of food. But often times we forget to recognize what Thanksgiving is really about: being thankful for everything we have. In order to teach your family about the story of Thanksgiving and instill in them the importance of being thankful–while, of course, keeping the ever-present element of food in the mix–we’ve rounded up 10 of the best crafts from Pinterest to make this Thanksgiving the best yet.

Thankful Turkey Table Toppers
Thankful Pinecone Turkeys

These pinecone turkeys act as cute place-settings for your Turkey Day table, but they also encourage your kids to think about what they are thankful for.

Pumpkin Turkeys
Pumpkin Turkeys

Sure, the main focus of thanksgiving is usually the turkey that spends all day in the oven, but these pumpkin turkeys add poultry-pizazz to your front porch.

Paper Native American Headdress
Native American Headdress

This paper headdress will get your little ones excited to learn about the original feast of Thanksgiving.

Tie Dye Turkey
Tie Dye Turkeys

These crafty turkeys are easy for kids of all ages and fun for everyone; plus, they’ll give your home a totally groovy look.

Thankful Tree
The Thankful Tree

Family photos, favorite quotes and other handmade sentimental pieces make this a beautiful and meaningful Thanksgiving decoration.

Turkey Cake Pops
Turkey Cake Pops

Everyone loves a bite of cake on a stick, so why not make them look like little gobblers to match the spirit of the season?

Indian Corn Wreath
Native American Corn Wreath

Since corn was one of the main offerings that the Native Americans offered the pilgrims, display this vibrant wreath to celebrate the delicious grain plant.

Chocolate Pilgrim Hats
Chocolate Pilgrim Hats

Easy to make and yummy to eat, these pilgrim hat cookies will have your little pilgrims smiling from ear to ear.

Pinecone Door Decoration
Pine Cone Door Decoration

Instead of hastily rubbing elbows with Christmas and adorning your front door with a wreath, use this pinecone decoration for a festive autumnal flare.

Corn Napkin Rings
Corn Napkin Rings

These beautiful DIY corn napkin rings will make your place settings look almost good enough to eat.

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