10 Cute Hairstyles for Long-haired Girls

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Toddler Topknot
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Your little girl’s locks are stunning, we agree. And though the you battle over the brushing of the end-of-the-day and early morning tangles, the momentary strife that causes ensures she looks adorable as ever with her hair hanging down or up in a ponytail for playtime. But have you ever wanted to mix up the hair routine? It can be much easier than expected to add some variety to her hair habits. Here are 10 ideas for you (+ a Pinterest Board with even more hairstyles) that will save you from any hair styling rut.

1. The Twisted Crown

10 Cute hairstyle for little girls | DailyParent.com

“The Twisted Crown” by The Blue Closet

This regal look is perfect for waist-length hair. The French twist is an easier way to secure her hair than a French braid and gives this hairstyle a soft texture ideal for your sweet little girl. Find detailed instructions at The Blue Closet.

2. Braided Flower

10 Cute hairstyle for little girls | DailyParent.com

Braided flower by Fab Art DIY

This hairstyle may look complex, but don’t let the intricate braid fool you. Fab Art DIY gives step-by-step instructions and photos that make this look completely doable.

3. French Fishtail braid

10 Cute Hairstyles for Longhaired Girls | SmartyCents.com

French fishtail braid by Twist Me Pretty

Maybe you’re a pro at the French braid and the fishtail braid, but what about a French fishtail braid? The combination of these two types of braids makes for a simple, unique and stable hairstyle for your little girl. Visit Twist me Pretty for complete instructions.

4. Braided Heart

10 Cute hairstyle for little girls | DailyParent.com

Braided heart by Bow Mania

Be extra festive this Valentine’s Day with this simple braided heart from Bow Mania. The braided heart is a fitting way celebrate the season with an adorable new hairstyle.

5. The Knotted Headband Braid


The knotted headband braid by Cute Girls Hairstyles

Can you tie your shoes? Good! That’s all you really need to know for this intricate braid. Cute Girls Hairstyles provides step-by-step instructions as well as a video for you to follow along in the re-creation of her creative hairstyle.

6. The Toddler Top Knot

10 Cute Hairstyles for Longhaired Girls | Dailyparent.com

The toddler top knot by Kojo Designs

Long hair is beautiful, but it can be a hassle when it comes to playtime. Let your little girl have the time of her life with her long hair pulled back into this adorable bun. Add bows and accessories to make her even more darling (as if that’s possible). Find the how-to at Kojo Designs.

7. “Heart-Shaped” Braids

10 Cute hairstyle for little girls | DailyParent.com

Heart-shaped braids by Babes in Hairland

This look is somewhere between a French braid and a messy braid. Babes in Hairland deems this the “heart braid” because the strands of hair are slightly pulled out to give a looser look that imitates a chain of hearts (perhaps another Valentine’s Day option?).

8. The Bow Bun

10 Cute hairstyle for little girls | DailyParent.com

The bow bun by Small Fry Blog

Little girls and bows go together like peanut butter and jelly. This hairstyle from Small Fry Blog is a charming way to unite a bow and hair (and trust us, it is so easy!).

9. The Waterfall Braid

10 Cute Hairstyles for Longhaired Girls | SmartyCents.com

The waterfall braid by Fabulessly Frugal

Fabulessly Frugal brings us a how-to on the waterfall braid. This elegant style is ideal for day-to-day wear but can also be spruced up for a more fancy occasion if need be. In order to do the double waterfall braid, complete one waterfall braid and use the fallen strands to make up the second braid.

10. Elsa’s Braid

10 Cute hairstyle for little girls | DailyParent.com

Elsa’s braid by Passion for Savings

Has the Frozen craze hit you and your little girl? Unlike most Disney Princesses, Elsa’s hairstyles are completely doable and quite practical for day-to-day life. Find the instructions at Passion for Savings.

For more hairstyles for your kids, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest Page! Happy hairstyling!

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