10 Fun Baby Activities

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As a practical parent, you’ll need to build in time for a ton of baby playtime activities. But in the first few months, oftentimes your baby’s “awake” time is nothing more than being outside of her crib.  Even if she’s sleeping anywhere other than in her crib, it counts as playtime. The goal is for your baby to join the wide-awake world that is going on outside of her nursery, so household noises and voices are a good thing, even if she still sleeps through them. Once Baby gets used to her schedule, she will be up, alert and ready to play. In the interim, trying to keep your baby awake to establish wake (play) time can be exhausting for you, but it’s important for establishing a solid schedule.

To enjoy some play time with your baby, here are 10 great ideas to take you through the first few months of her life:

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