10 Fun Summer Craft Projects for Kids

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Summer is a fun, relaxed respite from the daily grind of the school year. Indulge the laid-back essence with these kid-friendly summer craft projects from top bloggers.


Embellished Flip-Flops

Rhinestones, feathers and other glitzy embellishments add panache to plain, old flip-flops. Kids will love personalizing and showcasing their fashionable footwear all summer long.


CREDIT: thediydreamer.com


Watercolor Project

This art project is the epitome of easy: you only need paper, cooking oil and watercolor paint. So enjoy the impromptu fun as your kids create bright, Georgia O’Keefe-inspired works of art.


CREDIT: babbledabbledo.com


Friendship Bracelets

Check out this quintessential camp favorite: the friendship bracelet. Attempt simple braids for younger crafters, or try more complicated designs with the older set.


CREDIT: purlbee.com


Tissue Paper Window Collage

Transform an ordinary window into a multi-hued portal of color with this stained glass-inspired craft. This easy, whimsical art project is a great way for kids to personalize their space.


CREDIT: filthwizardry.com


Bubble Wands

Blowing bubbles never gets old. Make this timeless activity extra fun with dazzling DIY bubble wands. We love how customized bead combos make each wand unique!


CREDIT: happywhimsicalhearts.blogspot.com


Summer Lanterns

These sophisticated summer lanterns are so stunning, your guests will wonder where you bought them. Secretly, this foolproof craft is just a simple kid creation made with tissue paper shreds and glue.


CREDIT: meetthedubiens.com


Eternal Sand Castle

This craft gives new meaning to the phrase “eternal summer.” Cornstarch helps thicken sand into a Play-Doh-like consistency that can be molded to your liking. We’re wild over Jodi’s elegant sand castle that won’t get washed away by the waves.


CREDIT: meaningfulmama.com


Bubble Art

Load bubble solution with food coloring and let your kiddos take charge. Watch as each bubble bursts with an explosion of color that turns standard bubble blowing into a work of fine art.


CREDIT: lifeasathrifter.blogspot.com


Glow in the Dark Eggs

Fashion your own glow-in-the-dark dye using vinegar and fluorescent paint. Then, dip hard-boiled eggs into a wealth of fun, glowy colors to create magical looking orbs. This activity is best done outdoors and even better done at night.


CREDIT: growingajeweledrose.com


DIY Lava Lamps

Relive the ’60s and bring liquid motion lamps back in style with this psychedelic DIY project. These groovy lava lamps are bound to brighten any child’s bedroom.


CREDIT: lilluna.com


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