10 Signs of Cyber Bullying

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10 Sign of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a form of harassment that uses a digital media like the Internet or cell phone. The target is called names or is in other ways threatened. This form of harassment can be devastating and destructive. It is important for parents to understand this type of threat to their children and to take measures to stop it. The following are several signs that a child or adolescent may be a victim of cyber bullying:

1. A child may seem nervous or upset about going to school or about using a computer.

2. The student may not want to talk about any related school activity that concerns their electronic devices.

3. There is a general reluctance to use a computer, and the child appears uncomfortable about using this type of study aid. A student who suddenly does not want to use their computer may have a private reason, and a parent may want to investigate this.

4. Revenge may be a sudden topic of discussion. A parent may want to investigate why their child is talking about revenge for no apparent reason.

5. The student exits or clicks off of a page they are on when a parent walks by. There may be hidden reasons for this type of behavior. Cyber bullying is private and embarrassing.

6. The student may suddenly quit using a computer or electronic device for no apparent reason. Bullying is embarrassing, and the victim may not want to discuss what is going on.

7. Sleep problems are common for someone who is being harassed or bullied. A parent may want to look into this. Their teacher may have some idea about who may be bothering this student. These bullying behaviors tend to occur in most settings.

8. Homework or school grades may decline for the student as this kind of treatment may cause a type of depression.

9. Self harm and suicide may be subsequent behaviors of a bullied victim. Depression may occur as a result of being bullied.

10. Mood swings are frequently a part of this type of treatment. A parent may want to look closer at the school environment of their child. The neighborhood environment should be examined as well.

Parents can be proactive about their concerns. Cyber bullying can be prevented by using several effective measures. Parents can speak with their child’s school teacher on a regular basis. Often a bully at school is bullying online as well. A neighborhood bully is similar in behavior in any location. Neighborhood watch programs can assist in locating bullies in the neighborhood and assist in preventing bullying online as well. Watching your child’s daily behavioral changes is critical. A dark mood with a child that continues beyond a week should be looked into. Counseling sessions at school or with a private therapist can help with these mood swings.

Cyber bullying is a modern concern for school age children. This type of targeting is destructive and damaging.

Reference: www.hhs.gov

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