10 Tips to Hosting an Awesome Sleepover

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10 Tips to Hosting an Awesome Sleepover

Slumber parties are one of America’s most favored childhood pastimes. They can be loads of fun for both boys and girls. However, entertaining a room full of anxious kids is no easy task. The key is to be creative and resourceful. Here are ten helpful ideas for throwing a fantastic sleepover.

Incorporate a Theme
Themes can bring a fresh perspective on traditional sleepovers. For example, you could host a sports-themed sleepover. The kids can wear their favorite jerseys and eat tailgating snacks, like hotdogs, burgers, and chips.

Music or Karaoke
Almost everyone loves music. Create a playlist that your child’s peer group would enjoy and encourage them to sing along.

These slumber parties can be held in the yard or in the living room. The children can bring sleeping bags, build forts, and tell ghost stories.

Game Night
For this idea, you will need several types of games. This could include board games, cards, and various prizes for the winners.

They can paint their nails and experiment with different hairstyles. Moms can also set aside any old clothes and costume jewelry for them to use. They could even host a little fashion show to display their new look.

Scary Movie Night
Many kids love a good scare. However, there are certain measures that must be taken. Make sure the movies are not inappropriate and check with the other parents.

Talent Shows
This is another fun, ice-breaking opportunity. Set up a make-shift stage for the kids to display their talent. This can include everything from singing to being double-jointed.

For the more cerebral peer groups, try hosting a show-and-tell slumber party. Ask the kids to bring an item of importance and share it with everyone.

Chef Night
Find a few recipes that are easy and fun. Then, allow the kids to create their own snacks. This can be a great ice-breaker, while they learn something new.

Heartthrob Night
Encourage the children to bring the movies or music of their favorite celebrities. Afterwards, they usually spend hours talking about how “perfect” he or she is.

Our adolescent years are an important part of social development. It is during this time that we try to discover who we are and who we want to become. Sleepovers can be an excellent way to build friendships and increase social skills. Most importantly, these gatherings are supposed to be FUN.

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