13 Jumbotron Dreams Come True

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It’s the small things, folks. Well, it’s usually the small things. But occasionally it’s the really, really big things that make all the difference. These 13 young sports fans demonstrate what it looks like when dreams come true—broadcast a few dozen feet high on a Jumbotron screen, for all to see.

1. The Total Meltdown

When Deadspin shared a Vine this morning of a young Marlins fan getting on camera and “completely loosing his mind,” they knew they’d struck viral gold. The Internet has been joyfully sharing the small fan’s hilarious Jumbotron reaction, and we must admit. It’s the best thing we’ve seen all week.


2. The Double Freakout

CREDIT: collegebaseballtoday.com

It’s that exact moment—right when they notice themselves on the screen—that’s where the magic lives. It’s like they just won the lottery, only their faces have just been on a huge screen at a public event for 2.5 seconds. Same thing.

3. The Shakira Hip Shake


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We’re not sure which “old school dance” this kid is channeling, but it’s workin’.

4. The “O” Face


This Cabbage Patch-sized fan is stunned by how awesome he looks on screen. That little blue sweater, though.

5. The Scissorhands


Scissorhands kid gives Shakira Hip Shake kid a run for his money. Who’s teaching these kids how to dance?

6. The Smooth Dancer


This kid, on the other hand, has all the makings of a touchdown celebration choreographer.

7. The Kiss Cam Fail


You never surprise a lady.

8. Daddy’s Girl




David Beckham shows “Kiss Cam Fail” kid how it’s done with daughter, Harper. Smiles all around.

9. The Ragetastic Tot


This baby channels all the fury of disgruntled sports fans around the globe in his tiny fists.

10. The Teen Dream


Teenage girls never exaggerate. This is a totally normal reaction.

11. The Nose Picker


This young man was caught eating his own boogers, but that’s not important: He’s on the Jumbotron!!!

12. The MJ Impersonator

This Michael Jackson fan kills it with his fierce dance moves.

 13. The 80s Legend

With enough Jumbotron exposure at a young age, you never know…your kid could grow up to be as talented as this guy.

Have a great time at the stadium, folks!

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