5 Easy Pack-Ahead Lunch Ideas Kids Love!

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Trust us, we understand that day after day of PB&J can get monotonous for even the pickiest eaters. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time and effort to plan out and pack a full week of different meals for said picky eaters. Take a load off, Momma. We’ve taken a little bit of the stress out of your morning routine by planning out a full week of grab-and-go lunches that you can put together ahead of time. They’re all well-balanced, easy to make and—most importantly—sure to please your little ones!

Monday: Cheese Quesadillas

Cheese Quesadilla Lunchbox | Dailyparent.com

CREDIT: Kidnapped by Suburbia

Main Dish: cheese quesadillas (with sour cream or salsa to dip)
Side Dish: edamame
Dessert: seedless grapes

Tuesday: Cracker Stackers

Cracker Stackers | Dailyparent.com

CREDIT: Inhabitots

Main Dish: cracker stackers (triscuits, lunch meat, and cheese)
Side Dish: carrots
Dessert: kiwi, blueberries, and grapes

Wednesday: “Little Bit of Everything” Lunch

Little But of Everything Lunch | Dailyparent.com

CREDIT: Echoes of Laughter

Main Dish: ham, cheese, and pickle mini-kabobs
Side Dish: white cheddar crackers, cucumbers rounds, and carrot sticks
Dessert: cherries and oreos

Thursday: Hot Dog Flowers & Brown Rice Friends

Hot Dogs and Rice Lunchbox | Dailyparent.com

CREDIT: Peep Thread

Main Dish: hotdogs and brown rice
Side Dish: Babybel cheese wheel and corn & pea succotash
Dessert: optional

Friday: Star-Shaped Sandwiches

Star-Shaped Sandwiches | Dailyparent.com

CREDIT: Wendolonia

Main Dish: ketchup sandwiches and chicken skewers
Side Dish: whole wheat pretzel sticks, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg
Dessert: strawberries and peaches with sprinkles

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