5 Fabulous Bathtime Toys

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Happy girl in bubble bath

Bathtime. It signifies the winding down of an action-packed, adventurous day. It’s time to slow down the pace, wash off the day’s dirt and settle into the bedtime routine. When bathtime rolls around in your home, try one of these great bathtime products to make this cherished time of day enjoyable for both children and adults!

Tubby Table + Non-Slip Bath Mat


Bring learning and fun to bathtime with the The Tubby Table. This colorful bathtime activity table, for ages 14 months and older, features numbered shapes and a flat surface to play on. Smooth, rounded edges; a bumpy, tactile surface; and a shape sorter all add to the fun features of the Tubby Table. The adjustable pedestal allows the table to grow with the child, ensuring years of bathtime fun!
Available with non-slip bathmat at tubbytabletoys.com for $29.99.

The Sort & Spin Fishbowl Shape Sorter


The Fishbowl Shape Sorter is multiple activities in one! The six included shapes, each a fun and colorful squirting toy, fit through their respective slots on the fishbowl. When they’ve all been inserted, spin the bowl over to dump them out and start over. Or, take a break and spend some time squirting your tub mate! Use the bowl either suctioned to the wall or flat, as it floats on the water too! For ages 18 months and older, the Fishbowl Shape Sorter is both BPA- and phthalate-free.
Available at skiphop.com for $20.

Sensory Hoops


They’re never too young to start honing their shooting skills! Let your little one enjoy some shooting practice even in the bath with Sensory Hoops by Edushape. The four-hoop basket floats—making it ideal for both bathtime or pooltime—and it comes with three “nubby” sensory balls, making them easy for little hands to hold on to, even when wet. Perfect for ages 12 months and older, the Sensory Hoops balls are perhaps the most appealing featuring in that they’re make of “edu-foam,” which is mold- and mildew-resistant and built to last.
Available at edushape.com for $19.95.

Fleet Stacking Boats


Boon, a company that rose to kid product fame with the invention of the Frog Pod, corners several child-oriented markets, particularly bathtime. When it’s time to fill the tub and enjoy a little water play, break out the fleet, one of Boon’s newest bathtime toys. The set of five stacking boats allow for scooping and pouring till little hearts are content. Let the water pour through the tiny holes to enjoy getting or giving a pint-sized rainshower. And when you’re finished, stack them up and store them till next time. Perfect for ages 9 months and older, the BPA-, Phthalate- and PVC-free boats are easy to clean!
Available at boontoys.com for $11.99.

Magnetic Ducks in a Tub


Bathtime fun is a family affair with Alex Toys’ Magnetic Ducks in a Tub. The trio of vinyl ducks includes Mama Duck and her two ducklings. Their magnetic connectors link them together so the babies never wander too far! Great for imaginative play and encouraging strong family bonds!
Available at alextoys.com for $16.95.

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