5 Family Health and Fitness Products You Need in 2014

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If you want to make healthy living and family fitness a priority in your home in 2014, check out these products and programs geared toward kids and families that make living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle a snap.

Fitbook and Fitbook Junior


Many health and fitness professionals swear by the diary method; that is, track everything you put in your mouth, how much you exercise, etc. Fitbook and Fitbook Junior allow health-seekers to do both … and more! Easy to use, both Fitbooks let users set their goals and track progress in a 12-week spiral diary. Get nutrition and diet tips, track your water and nutrient intake, and log your workouts, whether they’re cardio, sculpting, whatever. Take before and after measurements, and you’ll be able to celebrate your success. The Junior version varies slightly in that it’s designed for kids to take ownership of their progress. It comes with a “coach guide” for parents to use with their children, and kids can work toward rewards for achieving their set goals. A great way to get the whole family involved!

Your Family Health Organizer
By Jodie Pappas


The key to maintaining your sanity after having kids is organization. And one area in which it’s particularly important is with your child’s health … knowing their allergies, shot records, insurance information, and having it all handy in case you need it on the fly. Your Family Health Organizer helps streamline the organization process by offering separate tabbed areas for each child to track vital medical information, treatments, medication history, allergies and more. Perfect to leave with a sitter or to send with your child on a trip to Grandma’s, this organizer is definitely worth its weight in sanity!

Get a Healthy Weight for Your Child
By Dr. Brian W. McCrindle


As parents, it’s up to us to lead by example and teach our children what they need to know to lead long, healthy lives. This book is a great start to learning life-long, healthy living skills. Whether your child is overweight, eats poorly or is unphysically fit, Get a Healthy Weight for Your Child can help you help your child achieve a healthy weight. The book includes nutrition “tours” to help you navigate the grocery, menu plans, exercise routine suggestions, goal-setting worksheets and much more. A great tool to have in your healthy living arsenal.

ibitz by GeoPalz


If your child would rather be gaming than getting fit, ibitz by GeoPalz is just the ticket. Sync the ibitz fitness tracker to an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini or iPod, and your child can enjoy the “game” of fitness. The unit, which easily clips onto the child’s belt or shoe, tracks his steps, which then sync with the app in on the mobile device. You set the goals, and once your child reaches them, they are rewarded—select Club Penguin points, grant wishes like screentime at home, or he can earn free prizes at geopalz.com. And if you have multiple children, give them each an ibitz, and track all of their activity on the ibitz Unity for parents. Keep tabs on fitness, calories burned, goals achieved and more. Fitness made fun!

CrossFit Kids


CREDIT: CrossFitKids.com

Think the CrossFit craze is for adults only? Nope! Check out Crossfitkids.com and make CrossFit a family affair.  Available in more than 1,000 gyms around the world, CrossFit Kids is like standard CrossFit, but it’s been adapted to the special needs of a growing child’s body. The website also features a glossary to get familiar with the moves and terms indigenous to CrossFit as well as exercise demos, competition listings and more!

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