5 Fun Family Picnic Menus

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Enjoy a delicious family picnic suited to any summer excursion with one of these five great menu options.


#1: Traditional Picnic at the Park

Why stray from a timeless classic? Find the perfect grassy knoll, spread out the red gingham blanket, and tote a charming wicker basket packed with traditional picnic items like these:

Bacon Deviled Eggs


CREDIT: letsdishrecipes.com

Take creamy deviled eggs to new heights with a touch of crispy, crumbled bacon.

Creamy Pasta Salad


CREDIT: thewholesomedish.com

This summery pasta salad is brimming with antioxidant-rich grapes and crunchy broccoli for a tasty boost of nutrition.

Shortbread Lemon Bars


CREDIT: pickfreshfoods.com

The perfect blend of sweet and tangy, lemon bars are an eternal picnic favorite. Pair with a buttery shortbread crust to amp up the yum factor.


#2: A Day at the Beach

Nothing heralds the return of summer like your first trip to the beach. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, beach towels and a picnic menu that can handle sandy hands and sweltering temps.

Garlic-Basil Hummus 


CREDIT: ambitiouskitchen.com

No need to worry if this hearty dip sits in the sun—hummus can be enjoyed both warm and cold.

Caprese Salad Skewers


CREDIT: myutensilcrock.com

Salty fingers and sand-caked hands are no bother when you serve these mess-free caprese skewers.

Teriyaki Chicken Sub 


CREDIT: halfbakedharvest.com

Skip the deli line and save money and time by assembling your own power-packed subs to fuel lasting seaside fun.

3. The Utensil-Free Picnic

We know that sometimes the best part about eating out is forgoing dish duty. If you’re looking for a picnic that comes with minimal cleanup, try this hand-to-mouth menu and leave your cutlery at home.

Chicken Spring Rolls


CREDIT: whiteonricecouple.com

Like the burrito’s healthy cousin, these low-cal spring rolls boast portability and convenience. Team with a garlic-soy dip to heighten flavor.

Sweet Potato Chips


CREDIT: kojo-designs.com

Why snack on the packaged variety when these homemade sweet potato chips are superior in both taste and nutritional content?

Salted Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies


CREDIT: thediaryofdaveswife.com

Cookies are a classic dessert for good reason. They’re simple to make, even easier to eat, and are effectively mess-free. This sweet and salty combo has us salivating!
#4: The Family Hike Picnic

Headed on a scenic hike with the whole hang? Make sure to pack some nutrient-dense snacks that help sustain energy levels and keep spirits high.

Smoky Trail Mix 


CREDIT: boulderlocavore.com

A sweet and salty trail mix is the perfect pick-me-up on a hike.

Beef Jerky


CREDIT: feelingfoodish.com

What’s more outdoorsy than homemade beef jerky? This protein-packed snack promises to quell hunger like no other.

Chickpea Salad Sandwich


CREDIT: thesimpleveganista.blogspot.com

We love this tasty sandwich that uses chickpeas instead of tuna for a creative vegetarian twist. High in energy-boosting iron, chickpeas are the perfect hiking sustenance.

#5: Picnic in a Jar

If you’re up to trying something unusual, serve your entire feast in mason jars! This funky idea challenges your creative side and lends some serious excitement to standard picnic food.

Mason Jar Fruit Salad 


CREDIT: thisgalcooks.com

We love how clear mason jars let colorful, cut-up fruits take center stage in this vibrant, multihued dish.

Taco Salad in a Jar


CREDIT: dinner-mom.com

By layering salad dressing on the bottom, lettuce won’t get soggy until you’re ready to shake and enjoy.

Cupcakes in a Jar


CREDIT: glorioustreats.com

You’ll never look at regular cupcakes the same way again after enjoying this sweet treat straight from the jar.

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