5 Fun New Books for Little Ones

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Getting new books is super-exciting, whether it’s from the bookstore to keep or from the library on loan. Next time you head out to pick up some books, keep these fun new titles in mind.

Love and Kisses 

By Sarah Wilson

5 Fun New Books for Little Ones | dailyparent.com

Love and Kisses by Sarah Wilson

The phrase “share the love” is imparted on the preschool set in Love and Kisses, a new story by Sarah Wilson. Told in rhyming text, the adorable characters — cow, cat, goose and fish — illustrate a gentle, universal message that love is contagious. And it all starts, in this case, with a kiss. An easy-to-grasp concept for the preschool set.


By Emma Dodd

5 Fun New Books for Little Ones | dailyparent.com

Everything by Emma Dodd

There’s just no way for Mama Koala to narrow down her reasons of affection for her little love. She just loves … everything! A tender tale told in rhyming text underscores the unconditional love only a parent can understand. Pages filled with vibrant colors and reflective gold foil work make this book a treasure!


By Doreen Cronin

5 Fun New Books for Little Ones | dailyparent.com

Smick! by Doreen Cronin

An unlikely friendship between a dog and a chick makes for a sweet tale with tons of action. Fun rhymes and playful illustrations conjure warm fuzzies and showcase a heartwarming, if unlikely, camaraderie.

Small, Smaller, Smallest

By Corina Fletcher and Natalie Marshall

5 Fun New Books for Little Ones | dailyparent.com

Small, Smaller, Smallest by Corina Fletcher and Natalie Marshall

A story of comparative proportions, young readers can watch leaves fall low, lower and lowest. Or, perhaps the giggles will come from making the caterpillar grow from long to longer to longest. Pull the tabs to see objects grow, shrink, multiply and divide. Sturdy board-book pages and friendly illustrations make this a fun and easy read.

Just Right for Two

By Tracey Corderoy & Rosalind Beardshaw

5 Fun New Books for Little Ones | dailyparent.com

Just Right for Two by Tracey Corderoy & Rosalind Beardshaw


Dog keeps all of this special keepsakes — all that he needs — inside his blue suitcase. And at night, he snuggles up on the suitcase, which is the perfect size for him. When an uninvited guest joins him on the suitcase, dog doesn’t expect the feelings of friendship that eventually develop. Soon he realizes that perhaps there’s more to life than the special items he treasures. A friendship is pretty valuable too!

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