5 New Bedtime Books for All Ages

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Each fall brings a bevy of new—and fabulous—books for all ages. If you’re in the market for some new selections during the bedtime hour, check out these new offerings that are the perfect sleep-inducing solution at the end of a long day.

The Quiet Book
By Deborah Underwood
Ages 0-3; $8.99


As with most expressions—laughs, cries, and everything in between—there are many different types of quiet. This hard-paged book with a softer foam cover features adorable, sketched-and-colored characters who explore a variety of quiets, including the kinds typically reserved for secret-telling, hide-and-seek playing and lollipop sucking. But at the end of an adventure-filled day, it’s the sound-asleep quiet that’s the best quiet of all!

Nighty-Night, Cooper
By Laura Numeroff; Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger
Ages 3-5; $16.99


This sweet story by children’s author extraordinaire Laura Numeroff (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Give a Pig a Pancake) features a not-quite-sleepy Cooper the kangaroo, who asks his mama to sing him some songs to help him sleep. In the end, Cooper sings a good-night song to his mama and thinks he’s successfully lulled her to sleep. All it takes, it appears, is a sleepy mama to provide the warm, snuggly pouch to help him finally drift into dreamland. Lovely illustrations and rhythmic rhymes makes this an instant bedtime favorite.

Good Night, Mouse!
By Jed Henry
Ages 3-6; $16.99


When Little Mouse struggles to fall asleep, his family of forest friends try to help. But when getting him to exercise only riles Little Mouse up, and the pile of snuggly friends gets too stuffy, it’s time to re-evaluate. In the end, a gentle orchestra of forest critter songs is the perfect answer to a good night’s sleep!

Bedtime Monsters
By Josh Schneider
Ages 4-8; $16.99


As most children do at some point, Arnold imagines a creepy toe-biting monster coming out of the closet to get him once the lights are turned off at bedtime. To his surprise, though, when the terrible toe-biter climbs onto Arnold’s bed, the purple goon shares his own fear: the horrible tooth gnasher! So the toe-biter climbs under the covers with Arnold. When the tooth gnasher shows up and shares his fear of the winged fargle, the stage is set for a beautiful lesson. People—or monsters—are not always what they seem.  A great story to take the fear out of “lights out.”

Sleep: What Every Parent Needs to Know
Rachel Y. Moon, M.D., FAAP/American Academy of Pediatrics
Adults; $16.95


Most parents will agree that you never sleep as soundly as you did before you had kids. That’s largely because many times children have trouble sleeping soundly themselves. Whether your child struggles with falling asleep, staying asleep or any other night-time issues, such as bed-wetting, this book offers helpful suggestions and advice that even the most seasoned parents will appreciate. Additional topics pertaining to all ages include nightmares, allergies, headaches, sleep apnea and more.

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