5 Quick and Easy Halloween Decorations

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Halloween is creeping closer, and it’s time to get your home frightfully fit. There are plenty of ways to add Halloween décor to your house without taking a day off of work and breaking out your tools. Decorating for Halloween is simple, with these great projects that are so easy, a zombie could do them!

1. Ghost and Pumpkin Blocks


Quick and Easy Halloween Decor via Hometalker My Repurposed Life

If you have some extra scraps of wood or some old blocks, give them a paint wash of bright white or bold orange, and add your own features, for a set of little wooden ghosts and jack-o-lanterns to  to line your porch or mantel.

2. Tissue Paper Bell Ghosts


Last Minute Ghosts via Hometalker Confessions of a Plate Addict

This idea is astoundingly simple! Just pick up a few tissue paper bells from the nearest craft store, glue on some black construction paper features, and drape your spooky little friends with cheesecloth! In five minutes you’ll have your own insta-ghost,  perfect for a porch or creepy tablescape.

3. Mummy Pillow


Mummy Pillow via Hometalker Amanda

All this project takes is a few scraps of construction paper, a roll of toilet paper, and a throw pillow insert, and voila! You’ve got a quick (and cute!) Halloween addition to your living room that will have guests doing a double take.

4. Tomato Cage Ghost


Tomato Cage Ghost via Hometalker LuAnn Krug

Draw some spooky features on an unwanted white bed sheet and drape it over a tomato cage, to make your own garden-dwelling Casper. The best part about this quick and easy garden ghost, is that you can line the inside of the tomato cage with fairy lights for an eerie nighttime glow.

5. Duct tape Pumpkins


Easy Duct Tape Pumpkins via Hometalker Confessions of a Plate Addict

There are lots of no-carve pumpkins circulating the DIY-sphere this season, but this duct tape pumpkin takes the pie (hey, it’s fall)! Grab yourself some super fun and festive rolls of patterned duct tape and layer strips over a faux dollar store pumpkin, for immediately funky halloween decor.

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