5 Reasons to Choose Whole Fruit Instead of Juice

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Sugar disguises itself in a lot of common places, including your kid’s favorite fruit juice. Fruit drinks are easy to pack in school lunches, serve with breakfast and have with a snack—but this sweet beverage is loaded with sugar and can chip away at your child’s health.

When it comes to nutrition, juice just can’t match the fruit it’s made from. It’s common to think the two are similar, but a new study from USANA Health Sciences found important differences. The impact on your kids’ bodies goes all the way to their DNA. That’s one reason why whole fruit is a much healthier snack and gives your child necessary vitamins, minerals, and energy. Learn more reasons why you should reach for fruit instead of juice.

1. More Energy
The natural sugars in whole fruit give your kids the energy they need to play and learn. Whole fruit takes longer to digest than fruit juice. This helps your little ones avoid the afternoon sugar crashes that lead to being grumpy and fussy. Apple and orange slices after school are a great way to bridge the gap between school and dinner.

2. More Fiber
Whole fruit has more fiber than juice and helps boost digestion and immunity. While we sometimes give our kids juice to settle an upset tummy, the fiber in fruit can relieve constipation. More fiber also means hungry kids stay fuller longer. You can send your kids to school with confidence knowing their high-fiber snack will help them stay happy and focused.

3. Fewer Cavities
Bedtime brushing routines are hard enough with healthy teeth—when your kids have cavities they are nearly impossible. Lower your child’s risk of developing cavities by skipping the sugary juice drinks and opting for whole fruit instead.

4. Lowered Diabetes Risk
Type II diabetes is on the rise in children and adults. Teaching your kids to snack on fruit instead of fruity candy and juices can help lower your child’s risk of developing diabetes. Eating fruits on a regular basis also helps you and your child maintain a healthy weight.

5. Better Health for the Whole Family
Clinical studies performed at centers for health and nutrition, like the Harvard School of Public Health, agree that whole fruit delivers more nutrients and benefits to the body than fruit juice. Make the choice as a family to pick the healthier option. If you and your kids love to drink juice, rotate in a few whole fruit smoothies. Check out the simple recipes below!

For more information about children’s nutrition myths, go to AskTheScientists.com.

Quick and Easy Fruit-Filled Snacks

  • Apple slices and peanut butter
  • Vanilla yogurt with mixed berries and kiwis
  • Peanut butter and banana sandwiches

Whole Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Pineapple Raspberry

1 cup raspberries
1 ½ cup pineapple
1 cup mango
½ banana

Mixed Berry

1 cup raspberries
1 cup blueberries
1 cup strawberries
1 cup spinach

Strawberry Mango

1 cup strawberries
½ cup mango
1 banana

Blend fruit with yogurt, a little water and ice for a sweet, healthy treat to share!


Sydney Sprouse is a freelance science writer based out of Forest Grove, Oregon. She holds a BS in human biology from Utah State University, where she worked as an undergraduate researcher and writing fellow. Sydney’s work can be found at AskTheScientists.com.

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