6 Foods to Grow in Your Own Backyard

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CREDIT: Potted Tomatoes via Home-ology on Hometalk

These plants are great for beginner or pint-sized gardeners and can be used in numerous family meals. If you’re looking to grow your own food for better tasting dinners and salads, these six fruits and veggies are the perfect starting point. You don’t need much space either as all of these plants are very container garden-friendly too!

1. Tomatoes There is simply no better produce to grow yourself. Homegrown tomatoes taste much better than store-bought varieties, and they are easy to maintain once the plant establishes itself. Determinate tomato plants do quite well in container or vertical gardens and can be used in a wide variety of dishes or sauces. For a large yield, grow your tomatoes using the 5 gallon bucket method.

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1 tomatoes

CREDIT: Potted Tomatoes via Home-ology on Hometalk


2. Strawberries Unlike the slow growing tree-borne fruits, strawberries are considered an “instant” crop. Your strawberry plant will produce berries right from the start, and does well in small spaces like hanging baskets or a container garden. They are a perennial plant, which means your strawberry plant will continue to produce fruit year after year.

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2 strawberries

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3. Peppers Growing peppers is nearly identical to growing tomatoes; you just need well drained, fertilized soil and plenty of sunlight. Just like with tomatoes, give your peppers something to climb for optimal plant health. They are hardy plants and once your seedlings get started, they’ll be very easy to maintain. Just wait till you find out how many more pepper varieties there are than just “red,” “yellow” and and “green.”

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3 pepper

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4. Blueberries Blueberries may take two years or so in the wild to produce fruit, but you can expedite that process at home by buying (or creating) acidic soil. Once established, the blueberry plant is quite hardy, so you’ll rarely have to worry about it again! Pro Tip: plant at least two different varieties of plants for cross pollination and higher fruit yields!

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4 blueberries

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5. Spinach Gardening can’t get too much easier than salad greens, especially spinach. It’s a hardy plant and can even be grown indoors because it doesn’t require too much sun (only 2-4 hours). Spinach grows fast too, so you can start now and begin enjoying fresh and tasty salads right away!

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5 spinach

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6. Peas Peas are hardy plants that establish themselves quickly. Sweet pea variety plants also produce beautiful, sweet smelling flowers! All you’ll need to do (aside from fertilizing and watering of course) is help the young plants get started on a trellis or growing pole. Peas will keep growing through late fall, so you can enjoy peas all summer long!

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6 peas

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Whether you have 40 acres or are 40 floors up, you can find all the gardening tips and instructions you need on Hometalk! 

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