6 Great Ideas for Eating Better


Use chopsticks to eat anything. It’s fun, it slows kids down, and it will help them savor their food more.

Five in their Pocket Equals…
Give your kids $5 and set them loose in the farmers’ market. Tell them they can buy anything but cookies.

Breakfast with a Kiss
Place a Hershey’s kiss on top of hot oatmeal and watch it melt. Kids love most anything with chocolate.

Thirst Aid
Instead of serving your kids soda, let them come up with their own fizzy drinks by mixing 100 percent fruit juice and sparkling water. Compared to a soda, the drink will be lower in calories and higher in nutrients.

Don’t Run with Scissors…
Cut green onions or bell peppers with them. It’s safer than chopping with a knife and teaches kids that there are many ways to cook.

Cut Up
When it comes to fruit, cut it into fun shapes and you’ll be surprised how quickly it will go. Slice an apple into circles or into wedges for bite-size nibbles.

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