6 Must-Read Mommy Bloggers

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You’ve gotta love a good mommy blog. It’s not that Misery loves company. Misery’s house is a mess, y’all. Company is the last thing she needs. Misery just loves to know she isn’t alone.

Is your once-immaculate car now full of gnawed-on toys, mismatched socks and smells you can’t identify? OMG, mine, too!  Did you wake up feeling like you’d been hit with the ugly stick? Same here!

Of course, we also love mommy blogs for the same reason we love Pinterest: sometimes we just want to get lost in a fantasy of beautiful pictures of beautiful moms doing crafty things for their beautiful kids that we have zero intention of doing but it’s a great way to give your mind a break.

If you are a mommy blog fan, you’re likely already familiar with pioneers like Dooce and Amalah. But in an effort to expand your go-to blogger horizon, here six additional mommy blogs—some penned by professional bloggers, others not—that will make you smile, weep, think and/or laugh out loud.

1. Daily Garnish by Emily Malone


CREDIT: Emily Malone | DailyGarnish.com

I have been hooked on this blog ever since a friend shared the link a few years back. From recipes to everyday challenges as a stay-at-home mom to keeping it real when it comes to postpartum fitness, you’re sure to relish every post.

2. Under the Sycamore by Ashley Ann


CREDIT: Ashley Ann | AshleyAnnPhotography.com

This professional photographer-turned-blogger has been featured on HGTV and in The New York Times, but I had never heard of her until last week. The coupling of gorgeous, photojournalistic portraits of what may be viewed as a near-perfect family, along side Ashley’s reminders that she struggles to keep it together just like the rest of us, is quite refreshing.

3. Suburban Turmoil by Lindsay Ferrier


CREDIT: Lindsay Ferrier | SuburbanTurmoil.com

Nashville’s most popular mommy blogger has enjoyed a robust readership for several years. Just this month, she got her first taste of going viral with a post about fruit fly eradication. She’s funny, smart, adventurous and at times self-depreciating. It’s hard to go wrong with that combo.

4. Finslippy by Alice Bradley


CREDIT: Alice Bradley | Finslippy.com

Alice Bradley has been blogging since before you cared about the Internet. As a piece of her fan mail so eloquently said, her posts “… are, like, this really funny form of birth control.” She also co-wrote the snort-inducing book, “Let’s Panic About Babies.”

5. The Bearded Iris by Leslie Marinelli

CREDIT: Leslie Marinelli | TheBeardedIris.com

This blog is the definition of hysterical. I do not recommend surfing it while seated in your open-office cubicle farm, as you will laugh out loud; especially if you are reading this post. The woman makes turtles funny, for Pete’s sake.

6. Kate’s Beautiful Chaos by Kate Meier


CREDIT: KatesBeautifulChaos.com

I adore this blog. Kate is a mother of two who documents her misadventures in a sharp-witted, succinct and sarcastic tone that always keeps me coming back.  She never bores me with too much detail, but does seem to be reading my mind. And it’s always nice to know there’s at least one other parent out there who failed to teach their child sign language.

Like I said, Misery loves a good roll call, so share your favorite mommy blogs in the comments so we can all enjoy!

Margie Newman is a writer, runner, to-do list conqueror and lover of most things geeky. A Nashville native, she currently resides in San Diego with her husband, teacup poodle and dawn-worshiping toddler, Suzianne. On Twitter: @margienewman. 

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