7 Easy Ways to Create the Perfect Child's Bedroom

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There are few rooms that lend themselves to as much design potential and creative freedom as a child’s bedroom. Color, texture, detail—all of these are amplified 10-fold when trying to create the perfect atmosphere for your child. The right bedroom can be empowering, comforting, inspiring and liberating for your little ones, so it’s important to consider these seven relevant factors when creating the perfect child’s bedroom.


1. Spotlight Interests

Be sure to incorporate your child’s interests and hobbies into their room design in order to make it their own. This Hometalker was inspired by her 7-year-old son’s love for trains, so she designed his room according to a train theme, with a mural and train-shaped book shelves. A good idea for this approach might be keeping the walls in the room a neutral color and expressing the theme in smaller, changeable details, like furniture or pictures, so that the room doesn’t feel outdated as they grow and their interests change.


CREDIT: Our “Train” of Thought via Hometalker Heathered Nest


2. Create a One-of-a-Kind Bed

Good sleep is so important to energize your little ones and keep them happy and healthy. To achieve a good night’s sleep, a comfortable be, in which they feel safe and secure is key. Create this by designing the bed around a concept your child is already comfortable with and loves, like this princess tower bunk bed that Sarah built for her 5-year-old daughter.


CREDIT: Makeover to a Princess Room via Hometalker Sarah Lindley Farnsworth


3. Create a Craft Station

Encouraging children to create is so important. A great way to do that is by providing them with space to be creative. One Hometalker turned her daughter’s vanity into a colorful art station, complete with chalk board!


CREDIT: Kid’s Art Station via Hometalker Mom 4 Real


4. Space to Play

For children, play space is likely the area in your home that’s most important. Kids will be kids, after all. To create a space that they love and that you’re happy to live with, set up the play area with plenty of bins and baskets for organization. This Hometalker even added more shelving to an Ikea unit in order to fit in extra bins in her daughter’s play room. The outcome is immaculate and fits perfectly in the color scheme.


CREDIT: How to Add a Shelf to an IKEA Expedit via Hometalker All Things G&D


5. Go for Good Lighting

Dim lighting can inhibit your child’s interest in playing in her bedroom. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that her bedroom allows for comfortable reading, creating and homework by providing good lighting. If you want to add some whimsy, try a themed or exciting luminary, like this repurposed vintage chandelier for a girls room.


CREDIT: Bright and Cheery Girl’s Bedroom via Hometalker Sophia


6. Color Scheme

Children thrive in settings that are comfortably stimulating and interesting. Many parents, like Hometalker Erin, choose to keep the walls of the room a calm, neutral tone and decorate the details and furniture with a bold color scheme. This method enables the room to grow with your child, adjusting to their changing interests.


CREDIT: Room Reveal via Hometalker Simplicity in the South


7. Reading Nook

A cozy bedroom reading nook is the best encouragement a child can have to spend time reading and imagining. Put a plush sofa and a bookcase in a corner of the room to create a snug space, or try this idea to turn an unneeded closet into a reading nook.


CREDIT: Closet Turned Reading Nook via Hometalker Pretty Handy Girl


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