7 New Children’s Books to Add to Your Library

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Need another reason to read with your children? We have seven reasons right here. Check out these new children’s books and fall in love with reading to your child all over again.

Smile, Pout-Pout Fish
By Deborah Diesen
$5.99; Ages 1-4

The newest release in the Pout-Pout Fish series, Smile points out all of the reasons Pout-Pout Fish shouldn’t be frowning—fear, anger, worry—and should rather turn his frown upside down. After all, a smile is much more friendly than a frown. Adorable illustrations and rhyming text all bound in a board book? That’s a toddler reading homerun!

Froggy Gets a Doggy
By Jonathan London; illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz
$16.99; Ages 2 and older


Froggy’s back in this new release, and this time he’s got his mind set on getting a dog. So when Mom takes he and his sister, Pollywogilina, to the animal shelter to look at getting a bunny, Froggy runs straight for the dog cages. And when he finds just the right one, even Mom can’t deny it. When they bring “Doggy” home from the shelter, Froggy gets a quick lesson in the amount of work a dog requires. A great story and lesson for families considering getting a dog, and those who wish to underscore the importance of responsibility that comes with dog ownership.

By Mike Austin
$16.99; Ages 4-8


When the munching machines look around the junkyard, it’s junk as far as the eye can see. They set to work munching up everything from rusty school buses and broken bed frames to leaky bathtubs and curly metal springs. And once they’ve devoured all of the mess, they make better use of the space, planting flowers and vegetables, building a playground and tennis courts and bringing a once-nasty space to life for all to enjoy! Rhythmic rhymes and bright and beautiful illustrations—on top of the wonderful storyline—make this book a keeper for the long haul.

My Blue Bunny, Bubbit
By Maggie Smith
$16.99; Ages 4-8


The little girl who narrates My Blue Bunny, Bubbit, begins by sharing how her Nonni made Bubbit for her when she was just a newborn baby. And now that she’s a brand-new big sister, the girl asks Nonni if they can make her new brother a stuffed friend of his very own. A lot of time and love and care goes into making her brother his new stuffed elephant, and all of the dedication that goes into making it tells Nonni that the little girl is going to be a great big sister. A sweet tale of a growing family and the many tender moments and emotions that come along with it.

Duck, Duck, Moose!
By Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
$16.99; Ages 3-5


Poor Moose! Every time the ducks try to do anything, Moose accidentally screws everything up. But when he messes up all of their hard work as they prepare for a party, they finally send him away lest he ruin the entire affair. Little does Moose know that the occasion the ducks are preparing for is a party for … Moose! When he doesn’t show up for the surprise, the ducks set out to find him. When they discover him sitting all alone on a log, they shower him with affectio, making things better. With the drama behind them, it’s time to get back to more enjoyable matters, like Moose’s party! Extremely simple text and lively illustrations make this a winner!

The Cow in Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitchen
By Diana Prichard; illustrated by Heather Devlin Knopt
$17.95; Ages 4-8


When Patrick O’Shanahan gets up one morning, he discovers his dad in the kitchen preparing to make his “World Famous French Toast.” And when Dad calls on Patrick to gather some ingredients, it’s quite the learning experience for the little boy. When he goes to the fridge to retrieve the eggs, he discovers chickens inside. After all, isn’t a chicken what lays the egg? And when Dad requests milk, Patrick at first tries to push past the cow standing in front of the fridge until he realizes that the cow is where he’ll find the milk. In an effort to clearly illustrate to children that food originates somewhere other than store shelves, this book offers a humorous scene and endearing illustrations that make learning a lesson both entertaining and fun.

Baby Bear
By Kadir Nelson
$17.99; Ages 4-8


When sweet little Baby Bear finds himself lost in the forest, he calls on friends he encounters to help him find his way home. But instead of giving him navigational directions, everyone offers helpful and comforting suggestions like, “trust yourself,” “listen to your heart,” or “sing a song.” With each encouraging friend he meets, Baby Bear gets closer and closer to home until at last! He makes it, having made friends and learning useful lessons along the way. Beautiful illustrations accompany the simple yet meaningful text to make this a treasure for your family’s bookshelf.

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