7 Reasons Your Baby May Be Crying

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7 Reasons Your Baby May Be Crying

Crying is a baby’s main method of communicating their needs to their parents and other caregivers.
Although hearing their baby cry will send parents running to the nursery, deciphering a new baby’s cry can sometimes take a little work. Over time, new parents will begin to recognize their baby’s specific cries for signaling hunger, thirst or boredom. Until then, this handy guide can serve as a reference to help you figure out the top reasons why your baby may be crying.

Wet Diaper
When a baby cries, one of the first things a parent should check is their diaper. When a child’s diaper is wet or dirty, it can feel uncomfortable against their fragile new baby skin. Often, changing a baby’s diaper will be all it takes to help soothe their cries.

In addition to a wet or dirty diaper, babies cry to let others know that they are hungry. Sometimes this can occur even minutes after a newborn has finished eating. If it is possible that a baby could be hungry, then offer a bottle or your breast to ease their hunger.

Until a baby can occupy themselves with an activity, they rely on the people around them to supply their entertainment needs. Therefore, a mobile, soft toy or a gentle lullaby can be a great way to calm baby down when they are bored.

Babies can become uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. To determine how to comfort a baby, check the temperature in the baby’s room. Sometimes, changing their clothing can help them to feel warmer or cooler. Additionally, make sure that their clothing is not bothering their skin. For example, a diaper may be too tight or a tag might be rubbing the back of their neck.

If a baby goes too long without sleeping, they may become overtired. When this happens, they may cry in an effort to relieve their stress. If you think your baby may be overtired, then help soothe them by going through your normal bedtime routine.

Babies can become over-stimulated very easily. Therefore, it is best to end any busy playtime or visit with family members with a few minutes of calming activities. Additionally, it may be helpful to avoid too much noise or activity during the first several weeks of a newborn’s life until they adjust to their environment.

It does not take long for a newborn to learn that their cry will quickly be relieved by their parent’s attention. A baby may cry because they would like to be held. Enjoy this time bonding with your baby by snuggling them close. Swaddling your baby will also help them to feel as though you are near so that they will be comforted as they sleep.

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