8 Great Grocery Store Apps to Download

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Most people visit the grocery store at least once a week, and in a perfect world, it’s an in-and-out trip. However, when you go without a list or, God forbid, when you’re hungry, it can turn into a long, drawn-out and very expensive excursion. In an effort to make your next grocery store outing as painless as possible, we’ve rounded up some of the most useful grocery store apps available. Here’s what we suggest:

Key Ring 


Get rid of all your keyring cards with this one simple download. The free app stores your loyalty cards on your phone with a quick scan. Plus, you’ll gain access to new programs and mobile coupons. Browse store sales and create a handy shopping list. We bet your keychain cards can’t do all that!

Smart Shopping List A LA CARTE


Smart Shopping List A LA CARTE is an easy-to-use grocery budgeting tool that pulls double duty as a food watchdog. By tracking expiration dates, food waste is minimized and money is saved.



For shoppers on-the-go, aisle411 is the perfect hybrid of shopping list organizer and a GPS. The iOS app maps out store aisles of most major retailers to give you the quickest route to what you need. New stores are frequently added, so if you don’t see ones near you, check back soon.



Listonic is user-friendly grocery planning app for iOS devices. With the capability of making multiple lists that update while you shop, you can also archive and share your lists and add prices of your products. Click here to download for your device!



Fooducate is a multi-faceted app that helps users track their diets, learn about the foods they eat and much more. As you shop, scan a food’s barcode, and Fooducate gives a nutrition grade for that product. The app then shows healthier alternatives that are available. Healthier food means a healthier you.



The perfect app for recipe lovers, ZipList keeps your grocery list and coupons together, but it also pulls needed ingredients for online recipes. Store the recipes in an online box, and receive suggestions based on your favorites. Additional features include sharing and barcode scanning.



Pushpins allows users to create grocery lists, browse recipes and clip digital coupons. Plus, you can check out the weekly specials at your selected stores to help you save even more.



GroceryPal takes the work out of comparison shopping. The app lets users compare prices across multiple stores, including Safeway, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Aldi and many more. Increase your savings by tracking sale items and clipping the digital and printable coupon offers.

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