9 Expert Tips for Easy Family Travel

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Warmer weather means families are emerging from hibernation and gearing up for spring and summer vacation season. Whether you’re taking a spring break trip or waiting for the summer to enjoy a family getaway, make the experience stress-free and enjoyable from beginning to end with these top family travel tips from Bob Diener, co-founder of Hotels.com and Getaroom.com.


  1. Kids younger than age 2 travel by air for free within the United States , but when traveling oversees, they may cost approximately 10 percent of the ticket price.
  2. If you’re traveling with a formula-fed baby, take the formula with you, but wait to add water to the bottle(s) until after you’ve cleared security.
  3. Many hotels have babysitting services, and many resorts have special programs for babies so parents can enjoy some adult time and family time while you’re away.
  4. When booking your accommodations, consider a suite hotel where you will have 2 rooms, often for the price of one. That way adults and older children can talk, watch TV, etc., without waking a sleeping baby.
  5. When traveling by air with babies and toddlers, plan your travel for mid-day when there is no rush. Also good air travel days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but Saturdays are the quietest and optimal for traveling with babies.
  6. Always travel with enough baby supplies to last the entire vacation. Many families assume they can find diapers, wipes or their regular formula when they reach their destination, but that’s not always easy in unfamiliar territory.
  7. Make sure you bring all of your baby supplies in a carry-on bag. If you only bring enough for the flight, but Baby has an unexpected round of blowouts, you’ll go through your supply in no time and then you’re out of luck at 30,000 feet.  
  8. Make sure you maintain your calm when trying to negotiate the airport and its sometimes-impatient fellow travelers. If you’re stressed, your baby will pick up on that, and once that happens, it’s all downhill from there. 
  9. Leave double the normal time. If you think you can get to the airport and through security in an hour, plan to leave two hours ahead of time so you have some cushion built in.
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