9 Great Ideas for Eating Better


1. Display It
Keep raw asparagus, carrots, bell peppers strips, apple wedges, grapes and cherry tomatoes handy for snacking. You’ll be surprised how quickly they’ll disappear when kept in plain sight.

2. Draw It
Get a chalkboard and let your kids write the menu on it each night. They’ll learn about food and meal planning and get a little spelling and writing practice, too.
3. Milk It
Consumption of milk decreased by 35 percent when flavored milk was eliminated from school lunches, resulting in a decrease in calcium, vitamins D and A, and protein—key nutrients for kids. A little sugar may be a small price to pay for nutrients kids don’t get elsewhere. Plus milk, even when it’s flavored, is caffeine free. Source: Milk Processor Education Program
4. Whip It
Let kids whisk eggs, sauces and vinaigrettes with this multicolored Teflon whisk, perfect for  nonstick cookware.
5. Try It
Kids love sushi. Try the California rolls or crunchy shrimp rolls, where everything is cooked. Sushi is made fresh daily at most supermarkets and is low in fat and super nutritious.
6. Freeze It
Make watermelon ice cubes and serve with club soda or in a cup on their own. Purée watermelon with a little honey and water, pour into ice cube trays and freeze.
7. Scrape It
Make some nutritious frozen treats and get the kids involved, too. Freeze juice in a shallow pan. Let kids scrape it with a fork into a slushy, icy treat. Voila, you have granita!
8. Read It
Author, dad and food activist Michael Pollan discloses what’s in our processed food and why it’s problematic. You’ll learn how to eat better, healthier and more sustainably. A must-read for kids (grades 7 and up) and adults alike.
9. Get Into It
Hands are best for  crushing tomatoes, mixing meatloaf, making biscuits, kneading bread, even tossing salad.
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