Babyproofing for New Parents

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Babyproofing for New Parents

From picking out baby names to decorating the nursery, expecting parents spend months preparing for the arrival of their bundle of joy. With all the excitement, new parents may overlook the vital step of babyproofing their home. Babies are curious creatures that will try with all their might to get into places and things that may cause them harm. Trying to keep them away from these items every second of the day is a difficult task. Thankfully, you can protect your precious baby from the dangers found in your home by babyproofing your dwelling.


Baby gates help to either keep your little ones in a designated area or out of certain locations. Areas such as the top and bottom of staircases are the ideal location for these useful items. Baby gates are available in various sizes, materials and colors, and are either portable or installed. Some baby gates are adjustable which allows them to fit into various openings.

Outlet Covers and Doorknob Covers

These inexpensive plastic covers are easily installed directly into outlets to prevent babies from electrocution. All outlets in the home should be covered even in areas where the baby won’t have excess to them. Doorknob covers are another useful babyproofing tool that covers the entire doorknob and prevents children from opening the door. They work well on front and back doors to keep the baby from finding his way outside. They can also be used on interior doors to prevent the baby from accessing dangerous areas such as basements or garages.

Toilet Lock

Children are naturally drawn to toilets where they can play in the water and throw toys and other small items in. Furthermore, toilets pose a drowning risk to young children trying to access the water. Toilet locks prevent children from opening the lid and can be easily installed on any existing commode in a matter of minutes.

Drawer and Cabinet Locks

Drawers and cabinets contain many items that you would never want your little one to get a hold of. These handy locks are installed on drawers and cabinets to keep little hands out. Drawer and cabinets locks are ideal for kitchen drawers containing silverware, knives and glass cookware but are also useful to keep children out of drawers or cabinets filled with important documents or items that children could destroy.

Bath Thermometer and Bathtub Spout Covers

Trying to determine the proper temperature for the baby’s bathwater can be a bit difficult. What feels fine to mom may be too hot for children’s sensitive skin. A bath thermometer allows you to know the exact temperature of the water and helps prevent scolding. Bathtub spouts can also cause injury if babies or children bump or scrape their delicate heads. These covers are padded and soft, and can slip on and off the spout easily.

Babyproofing your entire home can be a daunting task and leave new parents feeling overwhelmed. Starting the process several months before the baby arrives and working on one room at a time will help the babyproofing go smoother and less stressful.

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