Baking Bread with Your Kids

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Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

Despite what your kids may think, the best baskets on Easter Sunday aren’t filled to the brim with plastic green grass and towering chocolate bunnies. They are the unassuming ones on our brunch and dinner tables nesting either hot cross buns or buttery rolls.

Although these breads may not magically appear by way-of-bunny, we don’t mind one bit because half the fun is in the baking—and we know your kids will agree. Make the process simple and interactive by following our tips and baking our simple Easter breads:

  • Always have a job for your little ones to do and resist the urge to have them sit back and watch. They may not be as savvy at stirring as you are, but they will bore quickly if they are not participating every step of the way.
  • Baking bread is the perfect opportunity to teach kids how to measure flours, gradually incorporate sprinkles of water and combine ingredients.

  • Kids will love pushing around and kneading dough. Just keep a watchful eye and guide them through the process to be sure they don’t over do it.
  • Choose a recipe where you can form your rolls into shapes. Give each child a serving of dough and let him or her go to town on creating funky shapes.
  • Before baking your bread, arm your kids with pastry brushes and have them paint the dough in a light egg wash. This will cause the bread to turn a beautiful golden hue in the oven. If you are making dinner rolls, clean the pastry brushes then have them do the same with melted butter once the buns are baked.

—By Emily Arno

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