The Best Travel Products for Families

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Headed on vacation now that warmer weather is on the horizon? Make sure you include these portable, convenient and downright genius family travel products that will make your time away as comfortable as your own home.

Frog Backpack by Ecogear


If spring or summer travel has your family traveling by plane, keep the little ones both happy and in charge of their own gear with this adorable Ecozoo Rolling Frog Backpack by EcoGear. Unbutton and lift open the friendly stuffed froggy face, and you’ll gain access the natural cotton canvas bag. The one giant pocket is perfect for storing everything from coloring books to iPads and then some. The more shallow front pocket can house crayons, pens, etc. And two smaller froggy feet zipper pockets are perfect for tiny treasures. The bag can be worn as a backpack with padded straps, or lift the handle and your little traveler can pull it along behind her. Available in various animal options for $33.99 each.

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Speck iGuy for iPad and iPad Mini


Raising children in the digital age means relying on technology to entertain our children in situations like long waits or even longer road trips. But as any parent knows, technology isn’t cheap. Protect your i-devices when being used by your i-kids with Speck’s iGuy. Available for iPad or iPad mini, the flexible foam protector is easy to put on and is soft and lightweight, making it a perfect choice for tiny hands. The iGuy stands on its own two feet, and the arms make perfect handles. And if the iPad gets dropped? Rest assured — iGuy protects your device! Available in four bright colors for $29.95.

Kidco Go Pod


Whether it’s a trip to Grandma’s or a vacation at the beach, traveling with Baby requires a lot of accoutrements. And sometimes, things like activity centers—which can be a HUGE help at home—are too bulky to bring along. Not anymore. The Go-Pod by KidCo is the perfect example of genius convenience. The lightweight portable activity seat sets up in a snap and features four different height adjustments so it can grow with Baby. Sturdy and easy to clean, the Go-Pod includes a foot mat as well, so even if you’re stopping at a rest area off the highway, her little feet won’t have to touch nasty germs. With five nylon loops, you can change out toys (not included) to keep her busy; and if she wants to eat or drink while playing, Go-Pod also features a drink and snack holder. Time to go home? Break down is easy, and packing it in the accompanying carrying case is even easier. Available in three color schemes for $54.99.

Baby’s Journey Baby Sitter


If you’re headed to a highchair- or booster-less destination for your vacation, fear not! Your baby or toddler will still be able to dine with the family thanks to the Baby Sitter high chair pad by Baby Journey. The ultra-portable polyester pad can transform most chairs into a secure seat for your little one. Attach the Baby Sitter with two buckle straps, and tighten to fit. Once secure, place Baby into the seat, connect the waist and shoulder straps, which offer two different height settings to grow with your little one. Machine washable and super-compact, the Baby Sitter makes eating out or on the road easy as pie! Available for $29.99.

Mixie Bottles


Traveling with a formula-fed baby means a diaper bag packed with bottles, formula containers and, of course, water. Mixie combines them all into one convenient, space-saving, BPA-, PVC- and Phthalate-free bottle. Fill the compartment with formula, then fill the bottle with water. When it’s time to feed Baby, press on the formula container bottom, the lid inside the bottle pops off, and the formula is released into the water. The lid, now floating in the bottle, acts as an agitator to completely mix the formula and water. Bottle in a flash! Available in 4- and 8-ounce bottle sizes; compatible with Dr. Brown’s and BornFree wide-neck sizes 1, 2 and 3 nipples. Bottles are $18.95 (4 oz.) and $19.99 (8 oz.). Nipples are $4.49 for a two-pack.

Kenson Kids Travel ID Wristbands


Every parent’s worst nightmare? Getting separated from your child in a large and crowded place, such as an airport or the beach. If you’re not much for the child leashes, here’s a viable alternative: Kenson Kids Travel ID Bands. Fashioned like nightclub wristbands, these waterproof bands are bright yellow, hard to miss, difficult to remove and can store vital information that can help your child get safely returned to you in the case he goes missing. Inside the band, there’s room for your child’s name (if you choose), your hotel or flight info, two emergency contact numbers and any special medical information. A little peace of mind can make for a more enjoyable time away. Available in packs of 6 for $6.95 or 24 for $14.95.

Travel-Tot Travel Childproofing Kit


When you’re home with your curious toddler, you have everything locked down, out-of-reach and generally childproofed to protect your precious little one. So what happens when you travel to a child-less relative’s house? Or a hotel or condo for vacation? The answer is you childproof on the fly with the Travel-Tot Travel Childproofing Kit. The kit includes outlet covers, table corner pads, a water thermometer, cabinet lock, sliding door lock, cord wind-up, finger pinch protector and basic first-aid products. All of it is easy to set up and take down, and it comes in one easily portable carrying case. Available for $34.95.

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