Bike Basics: 6 Great Products to Make a Family Ride Fun AND Safe

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Summertime means the kids are home, the sun is out, and it’s time to take those bikes out of hibernation and get some air pumped back into tires. What’s better, really, than parent-child bonding that gets everyone out of the house and raises your heartrate? And if you want to infuse some freshness into your family’s rides, check out these bike products to make a family bike ride fun and, most importantly, safe.

1. Burely D’Lite Bike Trailer

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D’Lite Bike Trailer, $629

Though this set of wheels has a high pricetag, we love the D’Lite child carrier because it combines functionality, comfort and safety all in one sleek and durable design. And when you compare the cost against all of the features, it’s really a no-brainer. The D’Lite features seating for one or two children, bowed-out sides for enhanced shoulder room, an adjustable suspension system, reclining seats, tinted UV-protected windows, retractable sunshade, latching system for easy folding and release buckles for easy removal of the seat for washing or running kid-free errands. Oh, how we love a product that makes life easy and comfortable. $629

2. Ibert Front Seat 

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iBert Front Seat, $109.95

There are plenty of child bike seats that sit behind Mom and Dad, but this one offers a front-and-center view. The iBert front seat is an affordable way to bike with your child and keep them safe at the same time. The center-mounted seat helps the adult keep their center of gravity, the child and adult’s view remains unobstructed, and communication between parent and child is a breeze. It’s ideal for bonding, for safety and for comfort. $109.95

3. Xtracycle Limited Edition Edgerunner

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Xtracycle, $5,999

This bike is no doubt a big investment, but it’s worth it. Safe, durable and long-lasting, the Xtracycle is designed for easy loading and unloading (of kids or cargo) and has a low center of gravity to keep stability at a maximum. The length of the bike’s body keeps the ride steady no matter how much your children are fidgeting in the back, and the chromoly steel helps the bike absorb shock by keeping it strong and lightweight. If this bike is too expensive, don’t worry, Xtracycle has some less expensive options available as well, and Madsen Cycle offers a less exorbitant price. $5,999

4. Topeak Child Carrier

Topeak, &169.95 (rack included)

Topeak, $169.95 (rack included)

Topeak has been ruling the child carrier game for a long time, but the BabySeat II is a complete redesign of the first model. This version features a wrap-around seat for extra protection as well as a six-point harness system (your baby is NOT falling out). The suspension system has been updated so that bumps and jolts are minimized, and adjustable footrests and straps keep feet away from the spokes. $169.95

5. First Bike The Learning Bike

First Bike, $129

First Bike, $129

The FirstBIKE is the ultimate way for your kids to learn to ride. Everything about the design is optimal for safety and for a first time biker to get their bearings on wheels: the frame allows for shock absorption, the rear drum Safety Stop break is designed for a gentle stop, the seat is shaped so your child doesn’t fall off when cruising down hills, there are no sharp protruding screws or edges, and the handles are designed for optimal grip. $129

6. Nutcase Baby Nutty Helmet

Baby Nutty helmet by Nutcase, $44.99

Baby Nutty helmet by Nutcase, $44.99


Protecting the noggin is a no-brainer (sorry, we had to!), but it’s a whole lot easier to get them to wear helmets when their options are fun and appealing! The Nutcase Baby Nutty helmet is a great option for both beginning bikers and those who are still just along for the ride. Three fun patterns ensure an option for every young rider, and thoughtful design means maximum comfort and safety: adjustable straps, plenty of padding, and even protective netting in the air vents to protect tiny heads from bug bites and bee stings. Genius! $44.99

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