Biting: How to Get Your Little One to Stop

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Biting: How to Get Your Little One to Stop

Some toddlers bite others, and they do it for a variety of reasons. They might be acting out because of issues at home, or they may use it as a form of defense. Sometimes, they do not realize the pain it causes and the consequences of such an action. Whatever the case may be, what are some tips you can implement to stop the biting from happening?

Explain The Consequences
As noted, children might not realize that they are hurting others when they bite. They might think of it as a form of play. If they have bitten someone, explain how it hurt the other person. Do not just explain the physical pain of biting, but let them know it may have made that other child feel badly as well.

Preventing Bad Behavior Before it Starts
Web MD’s article “How to Stop Your Child From Biting” reminds us of the power of prevention. Perhaps your child tend to bite when they get into certain types of situations. Try to prevent those situations from occurring in the first place. If they do happen, create a distraction so they are not inclined to bite.

Tackle The Teething Situation
The Web MD article also reminds parents that children might be biting because they are teething. So many different toys and soothers exist on the market, that there really is no excuse for not having one. These can help to ease the pain of teething and prevent your little ones from biting other people.

Set Up Consequences for Biting
When your children are really young, consequences are difficult to implement. However, once they reach the age of 24 months or so, you can start to take away a toy for a certain period of time or to implement timeouts if they are biting children at school or people who are in your home. If they go a certain amount of time without biting, you can also give a reward.

Keep Children Occupied
Sometimes, children will veer into bad behavior when they are bored or there are not enough stimuli in the environment. Try to plan some activities throughout the day so that they do not have so much free time they are practically just looking to get into trouble.

Getting your little one to stop biting might seem difficult and overwhelming at the current time, but these tips can definitely help to address the problem.

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