Breakfast in Bed for Mom


On Mother’s Day, all you want is your kids to be perfect angels… and breakfast in bed. But the thought of little hands clamoring in the kitchen and dad as the ringleader may equal more stress than solace. Save yourself a headache and leave these tips and our mother worthy menu on the kitchen counter.

Dear Dad:

Keep it simple and quick. This isn’t the morning to whip up show-stopping eggs Benedict; kids will lose interest quick and patience quicker.

Everyone gets a special job. Bobby is in charge of the bacon, Emma whips the eggs and Dad runs the stove. Organize this at the beginning to ensure everything gets done and all the kids are able to contribute.

Do not ask mommy questions. The bedroom door stays shut so the queen can get her rest.

Feed the kids before the cooking festivities. Filling their tummies before getting started will keep fingers out of the food and happier chefs.

Treasure the tray. Presentation is everything. Have the kids decorate an inexpensive tray with markers, paint, cards and flowers for a personal touch.

Don’t aim for perfection. The coffee might be cold, the eggs a little burnt and the bacon not just as you like it, but remember it was made with love and that’s the best ingredient of all.

—By Emily Arno

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