Butter Pecan Cake for Mom

My husband’s birthday usually falls on or just before Mother’s Day, meaning that he typically gets overlooked for both our moms.  This year it was a few days later, so he had it all to himself.My daughter was determined to bake him his favorite cake—Italian Cream. However, as is characteristic of 14-year-olds, she conveniently fell asleep on the couch, leaving me with a mixer bowl of partially creamed butter, sugar and eggs. After futile attempts at rousing her, I gave in and finished the cake, and while I won’t tell her this, I couldn’t have been happier—creaming butter, chopping pecans, folding in egg whites are all very relaxing to me.
   This particular cake is always requested from my husband and my mother-in-law. It began life as  Italian Cream Cake from my friend and cookbook author, Holly Clegg. It was reincarnated into a slimmer version of itself in Cooking Light, and in my kitchen, has since morphed into a cake I now call Butter Pecan Cake—a simpler, cleaner hybrid of the two previous versions.
   It’s sweet for Mother’s Day or a birthday. The only thing sweeter? An impatiens planted in a Dixie cup given to you by your son on Mother’s Day.
—By Jill Melton, Editor

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