Caring for Adult Special Needs Children

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Caring for Adult Special Needs Children

Your child is special. You know that. You were led into parenthood thinking your caregiver days would end when your child went on his or her own way, whether it was to pursue a college degree or a job after high school. However, you were blessed with a special needs child. Your caregiver days are not numbered. They are continual. However, how do you accommodate for your grown child as you age? You may not have the physical strength that you need to bathe, move or care for your adult child. How can you make sure when you are gone that these needs are met throughout your child’s life?

Depending on your location, here are a few options of possible care:

Family Members
Parents, siblings or grandparents supply care for adult children living at home.

Personal Care Aides
Aides come into home to help with bathing, dressing or other activities requiring physical strength to care for child.

Community Homes
Group home with other special needs adults with supervision depending upon each individual’s needs. Usually the residents have supervised jobs within the community.

Independent Homes
Adult children live independently in a home, but have additional help with paying bills, transportation, cooking, etc. depending on needs.

Day Care
Adult classes for those special needs children who are out of regular school and need additional life skills classes and social opportunities.

Long Term Care
Severe cases require some adult special needs children twenty four hour care in this live in arrangement.

When it is no longer possible for a parent to physically take care of the child, a decision should be made as to what degree of care the child will need in the long run. The goal is to choose the best facility that will let the child be as independent as possible together with social entities to provide a happy life for your child.

Many special needs children will outlive their parents which poses the problem of care when parents are gone. Parents should set up wills to include the care of the child and specify funds that will help pay for this living arrangement.

Making plans before you are gone will provide peace of mind knowing that your child’s needs will always be met.

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