Carolina Story: Folktales & Lullabies

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Nashville based singer-songwriters Ben and Emily Roberts, better known as the duo Carolina Story, are excited for the upcoming release of their EP Chapter Two on June 24, 2014.

The name Carolina Story was inspired by a promise they made to each other while in North Carolina that they would commit to making music together as a couple, blending a matrimonial partnership with their creative partnership and living that journey through music — wherever that journey may take them. The release of their new EP is not the only exciting announcement they’ve made recently though. The couple is also expecting their first child this fall! will be chronicling the couple’s journey through pregnancy and into parenthood as they continue to balance and pursue the passion that brought them together: music.

Ben Roberts says, “We’re so excited for people to hear these songs on Chapter Two. The timing of a new release that has been “our baby” for so long coupled with the thrill of our first child being born in the same year leaves us so thankful and looking forward to a new season as a band and as new parents.”

Carolina Story is the essence of what it means to be young, gifted and willing, and their future is limitless. We are excited to get a peek at what’s in store for this talented duo. As part of the “Folktales & Lullabies”series, Carolina Story is offering a free download of “When I Was Just A Boy” to subscribers. To redeem your free download, visit and use promo code: PARENT.


“Carolina Story: Folktales & Lullabies” is a series.

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