Carolina Story: “Happy, Healthy & On Tour”

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Nashville-based singer-songwriters Ben and Emily Roberts, better known as the duo Carolina Story, are back with another episode of “Folktales & Lullabies,” a exclusive video series. The second video in the “Folktales & Lullabies” series, “Happy, Healthy & On Tour,” offers an inside look into what it’s like to be pregnant and on tour as Ben and Emily travel the United States in their Toyota Prius.

Ben and Emily, true road warriors, have played more than 650 shows across 43 states in the past five years. They candidly discuss topics from “on the road,” including making healthy food choices while pregnant and traveling (not always easy!) to the limitations and issues that arise when touring and pregnant. The difficulty of loading gear and setting up for shows while carrying a baby can take a toll on the body—and the husband. And traveling can be surprisingly exhausting.

Watch the video and find out how Ben and Emily are faring from the road. And as part of the “Folktales & Lullabies” series, Carolina Story is offering a free download of “When I Was Just A Boy” to subscribers. To redeem your free download, please visit and use promo code PARENT.

(And in case you missed the first episode of “Folktales & Lullabies,” click here to get caught up!)

“Carolina Story: Folktales & Lullabies” is a series.

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