Why Cloth Diapers Rock

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If you haven’t heard, cloth diapers are becoming increasingly popular among North American parents.  In fact, more and more major retailers are stocking modern-style cloth diapers, making them more accessible than ever before. One major reason more families are going for cloth diapers is for the financial savings, which can be up to $4,000 for just one baby. Another popular reason is for the eco-friendliness of cloth diapers. Research shows that disposable diapers can take up to 5 lifetimes to decompose in landfills. Still, there is more to cloth diapering than meets the eye. Below are five surprising things you didn’t know about cloth diapering.

1). The Best of Both Worlds
Many people have never heard of hybrid diapers, which are both disposable and cloth, giving Baby and parents the best of both worlds: the comfort of cloth and the convenience of disposable. Hybrid diapers are made up of a reusable outside cover and a disposal insert, which can either be flushed or thrown away. Hybrid diapers are becoming more popular, currently available at such large retail chains as Target, Whole Foods and Babies “R” Us. Long term, hybrid diapers are less expensive than disposables, making them a desirable choice for financial savings as well.

2) Not Your Grandma’s Cloth Diapers
Cloth diapers now come in fun designs and styles. While disposables can have special designs, cloth diapers are known for their unique shapes and styles, which parents often select based on their baby’s personality or the family’s hobbies or enjoyments.  Modern cloth diapers include characters from Disney, Pixar and even holiday-themed designs. Certain rare designs are even considered collectors’ items and can fetch a hefty fee.

3) It’s a World-wide Movement
After United States and Canada, Malaysian families love modern cloth diapers. The country carries popular American cloth diaper brands as well as nationwide brands that are household favorites. Unlike the U.S. and Canada, local free markets are a main source of the countries commerce, and cloth diapers are routinely sold in these free markets in high volume.

4) No Diaper Rash Here!
Cloth diapers are an ulterior method to avoid diaper rash. Chemicals found in disposable diapers can cause skin reactions when in contact with the wrong baby. Cloth diapers tend to be more breathable while disposable diapers’ lack of airflow can cause diaper rash as well. Although there isn’t one single identifying cause or absolute cure for diaper rash, many moms attribute their switch to cloth as the solution to their babies’ diaper rash.

5) Bamboo-zle Your Diapers
Bamboo fabric is becoming very popular in the manufacturing of cloth diapers. Perhaps an unlikely suspect, the bamboo tree can be processed into unbelievably soft and absorbent diapers. Some cloth diapering companies only offer bamboo products and have gained in popularity because of it.  Bamboo is softer, more absorbent and has more appealing qualities than traditional cotton.  Plus, bamboo is naturally odorless, antimicrobial and antibacterial, all of which are appealing qualities to families and their babies.

Sean Walker owns Wonderful Bambino, a company that specializing in natural cloth diapering products.

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