5 Healthier Coffee Alternatives

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Coffee is a traditional and well-loved beverage, especially known for its caffeinated, high-octane supercharge and digestive assistance. While coffee has been a mainstay and a go-to for many adults, it has a downside — the jitters, insomnia and high blood pressure, to name a few. Not everyone can enjoy coffee because of these potential side effects. If you’re looking for healthier options, discover the coffee alternatives that can give you the jump-start you’re looking for without the side effects.

Tea. Green, white or black — it’s your choice. Tea is not only a great waker-upper, it’s also full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are linked to anticancer activity, according to the National Cancer Institute. Mix in a little yerba mate or ginseng, and you’ve just turbo charged your day with tea.

Herbal coffee blends. This option is a caffeine-free, coffee-like brew made from herbs, grains, fruits and nuts. Herbal coffee comes in a variety of fun flavors just like coffee. Herbal coffee has the edge of coffee and a slightly bitter undertone that many smoother coffee alternatives lack. Herbal coffee is also full of fiber and potassium and is good for digestion.

Chicory tea. Herbal, caffeine-free tea that is thick, rich and dark like coffee? Can’t be possible, but it is. Chicory root tea is often blended with flavor enhancers like barley, carob, cinnamon and allspice. These chicory-based herbal teas offer a hearty flavor boost without the caffeine.

Soybean coffee. A coffee alternative that is soy-based? Yes. Roasted soybeans, blended and brewed in the coffee tradition can offer all the benefits of soy products and none of the coffee downsides. Soybean coffee also comes in flavors and can be brewed just like coffee.

Smoothies. Energy-blasting smoothies wake you up with a boost of good health. Try a kale, apple, lemon and ginger smoothie. Blend ingredients with a cup of ice and water to thin, if needed.

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