Creative Halloween Treats for the Uncrafty

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Whether Halloween crept up on you or you simply lack the crafty gene, these Halloween treats take minimal effort without skimping on creativity.

Strawberry Ghosts


These strawberry ghosts from Miss CandiQuick are easy peasy, and perfection is not required! A quick dip in the vanilla coating and an imperfect drizzle make for a spooky—and sweet—treat!

Yummy Mummy Treats


If you are not afraid to get your hands a little dirty, these Yummy Mummy Treats from Crazy Little Projects are the perfect edible craft. After dipping the pretzel sticks in white chocolate, a simple drizzle across the top mummifies them.

Halloween Bark


Take your kids’ favorite Halloween candies and mix everything up for this Halloween bark from Family Fresh Meals. Not only is it a satisfying treat for the fam, but this no-bake treat can also be made in just six minutes!

Witch Hat Cookies


These crafty witch hat cookies are much more exciting than Halloween Oreos, yet they’re simple just the same. The seasonal treat from Princess Pinky Girl is as easy as stacking one ingredient on top of another. You could say it’s like magic!

Halloween Spider Web Treat

Spider web pretzels (6)

This Halloween spiderweb treat by Delia Creates is simple yet inventive and can be served on top of a bowl of ice cream for the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Halloween Pancakes


Impress the kids after a spooky sleepover with these Halloween pancakes from Girl Versus Dough. The pumpkin-flavored pancakes require a tiny bit of baking preparation, but as far as artistic ability, no additional skills are required.

Spider Infested Chocolate Chip Cookies


Who knew you could simply turn homemade cookies into spooky spider-Infested cookies?! Moms & Munchkins turns this everyday treat into a one-of-a-kind Halloween snack by adding spider legs to chocolate chips.

Monster Mouth


For a healthier but just-as-festive snack, “monster mouths” from Today’s Frugal Mom delivers! Creating a mouthful of monster teeth only requires apples, peanut butter and yogurt covered raisins!

Candy Corn Krispie Treats


Glorious Treats’ candy corn krispie treats are like the real thing, only sweeter. Serve the candy corn pops on Halloween straws to avoid sticky fingers and make them even cooler!

Need more fun Halloween ideas? Check out our Pinterest board.

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