8 Ways to Create a Playroom Paradise

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If you’ve got extra space in your home, like a cluttered basement or a large, unused closet, you’ve got a blank canvas for the ultimate at-home playspace. This might sound like an expensive trip to a toy store or children’s boutique, but worry not. These eight simple ways to turn your blah space into a play paradise will afford your child a dream space, without busting your budget.


Add a playful mural.
Project via Beth @Unskinny Boppy

You can turn any old room into a magical getaway with a few shades of paint and some imagination. If you can’t dream up your own children’s paradise, copy a scene from their favorite book or movie.


Get double-duty furniture.
2Project via Whitney and Ashley @Shanty 2 Chic

Make sure each purchase or DIY can do more than one job— that way you only need to spend half as much. These storage-friendly box chairs are a great way to provide seating at the crafts table, while also storing books and small toys.


Make a super simple reading nook.
Project via Anna @Annabode

Create the perfect cozy reading nook for your child by adding an inexpensive bookcase or some shelves, and then just lay down a couple cushions, throw pillows and a soft rug or blanket.


Decorate with upcycled objects.
4Project via Trina @A Few Miner Adjustments

Kids’ room decor can definitely blow your budget, but it doesn’t have to. Find t-shirts they’ve outgrown and favorite books that have seen better days, and then turn those colorful logos and salvaged pages into eye-catching wall art you already know they’ll love.


Or cover the walls with chalkboards (for DIY decorating!).
5Project via Erin @DIY on the Cheap

Leave the decorating up to them, by giving one wall a coat of chalkboard paint and keeping a bucket-full of colorful chalk on hand. Drawing on the wall will be a thrilling activity for them—and an easy decorating solution for you.


Organize with finds from the Dollar Store.
6Project via Nicole @Mendez Manor

Stow Legos, dolls, blocks and any other mess-makers in cheap baskets or bins from the dollar store. You can buy as many as you need without going over your budget, and give your playroom or nursery a unified look while you’re at it.


Build (easy) custom storage.
7Project via Megan @C’mon, Get Crafty

Adding easy shelves to playroom walls will not only keep toys, games and books easily accessible, but displaying your child’s toys will give your playroom color and character. Use picture ledges to display small toys like cars or dolls (and save a whole lot of space).


Don’t overfill the room.

8 Ideas for a Perfect Play RoomProject via Tasha @Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

The most important detail of a good playroom is space, so the number one money-saving rule is: If it’s not necessary, don’t buy it —room to run and play is much better than another toy.

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