Kid-Friendly Dinner Recipes

Mark Boughton/styling: Teresa Blackburn

The weekday routine of running errands, picking up kids from activities, helping with homework and dispensing daily motherly wisdom can even cause super moms to lose time for making fabulous family dinners. But don’t abandon these precious and important meals—keep family dinners alive and yummy with the following quick and easy weeknight recipes.

Reliable Rotisserie Chicken: Store-bought rotisserie chicken can be tossed into countless recipes from burritos to casseroles to pastas. Because the bird is already cooked, all you need to do is toss the chicken into your desired meal. Click the image above for a simple Ramen recipe where rotisserie chicken can be substituted in place of raw chicken breasts.

Crank up the Crock Pot: A busy mom’s saving grace, a Crock Pot allow you to “prepare” dinner in the morning and cook throughout the day without supervision. For a simple meal, cook tender meat for pulled pork, beef or chicken sandwiches—simply add the meat and barbecue sauce plus a little broth, or a canned soda (we like Dr. Pepper) to the pot early in the day. You’ll need more time for pork or beef. Once cooked, shred with a fork and serve on hamburger buns. Click the image above for a yummy pulled pork recipe.

Ground Meat: Fast cooking ground beef, chicken and turkey are kid favorites perfect for quick dinners. Sauté ground beef, tomatoes and tomato paste for a hearty spaghetti sauce, or pack patties and make quick-cooking burgers. Click the image above for a well-seasoned Salisbury steak recipe.

—By Emily Arno

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