Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Ideas

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A new baby is pure and innocent. Celebrate the coming of this pure, untouched life with an eco-friendly baby shower. An eco-friendly baby shower can be elegant and simple to plan with a few tips and ideas.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling, including paper recycling, “reduces greenhouse gas emissions, conserves natural resources and saves landfill space.” You can go green in a variety of ways with baby shower invitations. One way is to choose invitations printed on 100 percent recycled paper with plant-based inks. Another option is to forgo paper invitations and use an e-invite service from an online source. This type of service allows you to track responses as well.

Think sustainable when it comes to decorating. Opt for linen tablecloths and real table service instead of the plastic, throwaway versions. If the guest list is larger than your supply of dishes, consider renting table service from a catering company. Skip the paper and plastic baby banners and choose simple, sophisticated eco-friendly decorations. Potted plants with blooming flowers are ideal for centerpieces. These can then be given as game prizes to the guests. For a main table centerpiece, have a diaper cake. Diaper cakes are masterpiece creations featuring multiple tiers of diapers to form a cake shape. They often are decorated with various baby items and/or toys. It’s a beautiful centerpiece and a thoughtful gift for the mommy-to-be.

When planning baby shower games for an eco-friendly shower, be sure to use only recycled materials for even traditional games. Incorporate one or two “green” games as well. If the expecting mom is planning to use only cloth diapers, have a diaper race. Have three baby dolls ready to be diapered with a cloth diaper set on a table. Challenge three guests at a time to race to see who can diaper the baby the quickest and neatest. Play several rounds so everyone has a turn.

Planning any sort of party means being aware of any dietary restrictions and allergies your guests might have. Always be sure to request that guests notify the host of any restrictions prior to the party. For an eco-friendly baby shower, consider serving primarily organic and fair-trade foods if possible. A local farmers’ market may be the perfect place to find a bounty of berries for a fruit dessert or fresh greens for salads. Limit the amount of food items served that have artificial ingredients.

Collaborate with the guests
Make sure the shower guests are aware that this is a green party. Encourage earth-friendly gifts and use green packaging such as fabric bags. Instead of wrapping paper, gifts can be covered in receiving blankets or crib sheets or placed in a diaper bag or decorative basket.

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