Eyebrows 101


"Having good brows and feeling confident changes a person’s attitude about how they approach everything in their lives,” says Beverly Hills makeup artist to the stars Bobbe Joy Dawson, who's affectionately known as the brow resuscitator. While Dawson's view may be a little extreme, it’s hard to imagine that having neatly trimmed and strongly defined eyebrows is ever going to make you feel bad about yourself. Dawson, owner of Bobby Joy Makeup Studio, offers the following advice for great-looking eyebrows:

Work with nature. “If your brow is naturally angled, that’s probably right for you,” Dawson says. The same goes if your brows are full, narrow, round, angled, straight or high arched. “The idea is you have to work with what you have,” she adds. Forcing an unnatural shape onto your face won’t work.

Three dots to your perfect shape. You’ll need an orange stick, an eyebrow pencil and a mirror to begin with. First, place the orange stick beside your nostril, and tilt it until it is in line with your inner eye. Mark a dot on your eyebrow with the pencil where the orange stick meets the eyebrow. That’s where your eyebrow should begin. Tilt the stick against your nose to the outer edge of your eye, and mark a second dot on the brow line. To establish the brow's arch point, look straight ahead and mark the brow above the outer edge of the iris.

Trim and pluck. Imagine a line joining up the dots. Use an eyebrow or mascara brush to brush the brow and trim any hairs that extend beyond the line, using nail scissors for a neat finish. Then, pluck any hairs between the dots that mark the inner edges of the brows, and underneath the lower line of each brow.

Perfect finish. Achieve the perfect finish by coloring in any bare spots with an eyebrow pencil and using an eyebrow gel and brush.

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