Father/Daughter Relationships: How to Build a Stronger Bond

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Father Daughter Relationships: How to Build a Strong Bond

Fathers certainly love all of their children equally, but usually dads spend a lot more of their time with their sons. It could be because they have more in common, or they may be a bit intimidated by their daughters. However, with a little more understanding and effort, fathers can feel much more comfortable around the girls. The following tips will help fathers build a stronger bond with their daughters.

1. Teach her how to play sports.

Learning a new sport is an excellent opportunity for fostering a deeper connection. Take time to get outside and throw or kick around the ball. Teach her the rules of soccer, basketball, football, or another favorite sport. Take her to see a game or watch a game on television, so that both of you can share in the excitement. Daughters will appreciate getting a chance to be the center of attention, and they will benefit from learning something new. She will have added confidence knowing that she can tackle anything that the boys can.

2. Make time to take a vacation together.

Show your daughter that you love her by setting aside time to spend just with her one-on-one. Daughters are more likely to really talk to their fathers when they are alone with them and are sharing in a shared interest. Vacations do not need to be overly luxurious or grandiose. Great opportunities for bonding can be a weekend camping trip, a day trip to a nearby attraction, or even just a father-daughter dinner. The more time you spend with her, the closer you will become.

3. Listen to her.

Talking comes rather easy for daughters and they tend to vocalize much more than the boys. This can be intimidating for some fathers who do not know how to respond; however, daughters typically just want their father to listen to them. Pay attention to what she is saying about what she thinks, wants, or dreams of in her life. Build the relationship by listening and fostering a level of trust, so that she is likely to come to you to talk more in the future.

Recent research has discovered many benefits for daughters who have a secure bond and loving relationship with their dads. These young girls tend to have better academic grades, have more self-confidence, be more assertive without becoming aggressive, feel more comfortable in relationships with males in general, and are more likely to attend graduate school for a higher degree. Using the above tips will help create a strong relationship that will lead to lifelong positives for both father and daughter.

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