Five Ways to Remedy Toddler Stress

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Five Ways to Remedy Toddler Stress

Toddler stress typically results from being separated from their parents, arguments between parents, a new baby welcomed into the family, moving to a new room or house, or being ill. Utilize the following tips to remedy stress that has become apparent in your young child to improve their emotional well-being.

1. Recognize the warning signs.

Toddlers are often not able to express to you that they are feeling stressed. Therefore, you will need to be watchful for any changes in behavior that are warning signs of stress. When children become stressed, they typically become clingy or whiney, get angry more often and easier, do not want to eat, cry a lot, or become fearful. If a number of these symptoms become apparent, you can be sure that they are feeling distressed.

2. Establish a routine and stick with it.

Create a schedule that works for both you and your toddler. Give clear warnings if transitions will be occurring as well. This will ensure that the child knows what to expect throughout their day; therefore, they will not be as anxious. It is also important to not schedule too much in your young one’s day either. Leave plenty of time for naps to relax and gain energy for the rest of the day.

3. Build strong communication.

Children often feel frustrated because they feel their parents are not listening to them. They do not have the words to express what they want and how they feel, so they are left unheard. Make sure you stay aware of all the visual and body clues that toddlers use to articulate. Give your child words to use as well, and listen to them when they use them.

4. Play and explore with your child.

All parents should spend a minimum of 15 minutes each and every day playing with their child one-on-one. Take these few moments to get down on the floor and play with their favorite toys. Toddlers also love being read to at bedtime. These interactions will deepen your bond with the child and let them know that you love them.

5. Foster interaction with other children their age.

Social interaction is a necessary part of the child learning how to grow up and gain communication skills. Try out toddler activity groups where your child can join in with others. Or, invite people over to your house as much as possible. This will help your toddler become more independent and less likely to suffer separation anxiety.

Toddlers need constancy, stability, and routine in their home environment. Try incorporating these tips in your daily life to de-stress your young child’s life. 

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