8 Ideas for a Homemade 4th of July

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Fireworks and sparklers aren’t the only way to celebrate July 4th. Get crafty with these great DIYs, and you’ll have the mood set in no time!


Mason Jar Flag Vases

Line up three mason jars to create an American flag flower display. This easy-to-assemble craft looks rustic and pretty with white flowers. When finished, your kids can show off their artwork as party décor for all your guests to see.




Red, White and Blue Butterfly

Prepare to get your hands a little messy with this tasty craft. By simply placing two pretzels next to each other, you can make a butterfly, and with white icing and red and blue sprinkles this butterfly is edibly all-American.




DIY Firework Shirts

The anticipation of a fireworks show can make the day long as kids wait to see the sky light up. Decorate these celebratory holiday tees for everyone to wear to the show at night.




Confetti Popper Rockets

Confetti popper rockets make it possible to have a little firework show in the daytime. Using scrapbook paper and stickers, this craft begins with creative decorating and ends in laughter as the rockets shoot confetti.




DIY Glow Stick Balloons

Have your kids make glowing decorations to create the coolest space for your fireworks viewing party. As you observe the fireworks, these bright balloons are fun to look at, and they will be an entertaining DIY activity during the day.


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Homemade Blueberry Lemonade Soda

This easy recipe makes a deliciously sweet red soda that your kids will love. Wrap the bottles in blue and white bandanas and tie with twine for a patriotic accent. Being able to say they can make their own soda is the best part about this project!




No-Sew Bandana Headband

There is always more to look forward to when you can dress up for a holiday. In just a few steps, this red and white bandana makes the perfect 4th of July accessory.




Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath

Rally the troops to create this DIY wreath. With the help of every little hand making pinwheels, this wreath comes together for some festive curb appeal. Have fun choosing a variety of patterns in red, white and blue.




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