Fun Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren

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Fun Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren

When grandparents and grandchildren get together, the difference in age and culture can be significant. In addition, the age difference is often best emphasized by the variance in energy level for each group. Grandchildren can often be hyper active and constrantly moving, while grandparents may want more subdued activities that provide them with the opportunity to rest. Finding something that both can do together can be a real challenge. There are a number of ways to find the best fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren to engage in.

The first step is to perform an asessment of each group. How old are the grandchildren and what do they want to be spending time doing? How much attention do they need? How about the grandparents? Any lingering health problems that may slow them down? If either party can’t keep up with the other while out of the house fun indoor activities should be considered. Activities such as playing cards or boardgames may be appropirate. Otherwise, watching a movie on television may be a fun activity. Cooking a meal together may be an interesting and fun activity that grandparents and grandchildren can do together.

If both the grandparents and grandchildren feel comfortable doing outdoors activities there are an endless number of things that can be fun. Timeless activities such as trips to the beach or to the park can be a way for everyone to get outdoors and some sunshine in relative peace and serenity. A trip out to a park will allow the grandchildren to run around and burn offf the excess energy that they have at that age, while the grandparents can sit nearby, protecting them and enjoying the fresh air. A trip to a movie theater can be a fun movie, given that there is a movie that both groups would enjoy seeing together. Alternatively, shopping in a bookstore or visiting a library can be a fun way to end the evening.

There are many alternate ways for grandparents and grandchildren to have fun together whether they are indoors or outdoors. Consider the needs and the abilities of each of the grandparents and grandchildren to see what is appropriate given their health and maturity and find an activity that both parties can enjoy. That is the best way to find fun activities for both grandparents and grandchildren together. It considers their individual needs and desires and makes sure everyone has fun.

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