11 Unique Ways to Announce Your New Arrival

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1. In Good Measure

Point out the basics with this fun diagram idea that still lets Baby steal the show.


CREDIT: pittr-pattr.com

2. Just the Facts

Using everyday items to denote the measurements being reports, you can get across the vitals and a snap of the new baby.


CREDIT: childmode.com

and another…


CREDIT: childmode.com


3. Just Hatched

Sometimes a new family member can feel just like a surprise on Easter morning, so craft accordingly!


CREDIT: fiskarscraft.typepad.com


4. Jail Bird

It should be criminal to be this cute!


CREDIT: myspoiledeggs.blogspot.com


5. A Star From the Start

Baby may not be walking red carpets (yet!), but you can still treat him like a star.

6- movie-announcement

CREDIT: http://www.5starbaby.com/


6. Love and Marriage

Harken back to your own childhood with this whimsical idea!


CREDIT: cwarrendesign.com


7. Let the Laundry Talk

Get all the basics onto a Onesie with a subway art design, and let Baby model the info.


CREDIT: fivefeetoffun.blogspot.com


8. Spell it Out in Black & White

Make your big announcement with a schoolhouse feel with this black and white chalkboard-style announcement.


CREDIT: etched.biz


9. License to Drive

She may not be speeding, but her adorable face is definitely going to stop traffic. Make sure she has the appropriate ID available.



CREDIT: flickr.com


10. No Assembly Required!

When your special delivery arrives, he should be ready to go, no assembly required. Be warned, though, that there will be a learning curve.


CREDIT: vitamin-ha.com


11. Just the Specs

Make sure all of your friends and family are aware of the specifications with a creative blueprint announcement.


CREDIT: bizjournals.com


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