Get Organized: Smart Solutions for Playroom Clutter

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Playrooms are practically synonymous with clutter—but thankfully, they don’t have to be. We talk to organization bloggers, experts and retailers to uncover the best tips for keeping your playroom organized and easy-to-clean. From furniture layout to favorite handy products, we’ve collected smart and simple solutions so you can tuck your toys away in style. Let the spring cleaning commence!

Streamline in Style


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“My best playroom organization tip is to streamline your storage! Remove craft kits from their original store packaging, then combine like with like and store everything in uniformly sized, clearly labeled containers. Original packaging generally takes up much more space than is necessary and creates an impossible puzzle for fitting everything into a compact storage space.”

—Alexis, Clean Smart Simple

Pop-Up Playroom 



“I think that a lot of families don’t have a dedicated playroom. But you can make a dedicated playroom space in your family room by rearranging furniture. Move the sofa out from the wall and voila! Instant playroom. Line the floor behind the sofa with a series of bins for sorting and storing toys and other playthings. Or purchase a couple of cubby-type shelving units and bins that fit into the cubby spaces for smaller items.”

—Donna Smallin Kuper, organizing and cleaning expert,

Cheers to Chalkboard



“If you have some free wall space we say make it fun. After all this is the only space in the house that is all about the kids. Paint one wall with chalk board or magnetic paint so all of your child’s artwork can take center stage. We say, let it be that one wall in the house they can color on!”

—Pam and Melisa, Project Nursery

Maximize Space to Minimize Clutter 



Be creative in your storage options.  Maximize vertical space in the playroom where possible so the kids have more room to play. I used clear over-the-door pocket organizers in my kids’ rooms for their stuffed animals and my daughter’s Barbies.  It’s easy for them to see what they have, and to put toys back.”

—Hilda, From Overwhelmed to Organized

Love Your Labels

“The best way to keep toys organized is in baskets. And each basket should have a clear, definite purpose and label. I love the Havana Utility Baskets from Pottery Barn. They are large enough to hold a decent amount and have a great handle for adding cute little chalkboard labels. I DIY’d my own chalkboard labels and you can’t mistake what is inside of each basket. Should the contents of the basket change, all you need to do is wipe the label clean and add a new content name.”

–Samantha, Simply Organized

Picture Perfect



“Make a label for each storage bin or basket so your child will know what’s inside and can easily retrieve what they are looking for.  Labels can be fun and colorful.  For younger children, consider taking or drawing a picture of what is to go inside each box and use this instead of a written label.”

—Jodie Watson, organization expert, Supreme Organization

Whimsical Workspace



“Every playroom or playspace needs a central area for the kids to get creative and stay focused on art projects, homework or reading time. We love a simple round table coupled with colorful chairs. The colors are always a hit with the kids and the round shape makes it ideal for any room configuration.”

—Pam and Melisa, Project Nursery

Color Code



“Whether you’re working to organize the family room or striving to get your home office under control, use color to enhance your efforts. Assign each child a different colored container to keep his or her belongings in and keep them responsible for cleaning up after themselves.”


 Purge the Playroom



 “The biggest tip I have for keeping playrooms organized is to purge toys regularly.  Most families have a constant flow of toys into the home – birthdays, holidays, loot bags from parties, restaurant kids’ meals, prizes and treats – it’s never ending!  If you follow the one-in-one-out rule, you’ll stay on top of the number of toys in your home.  If that’s hard to enforce, at least declutter toys several times a year, especially before birthdays and major holidays.”

—Hilda, From Overwhelmed to Organized

Archive Art Projects 

archive art projects


“If artwork storage is an issue, download the Artkive app that lets you store and organize artwork for each child and even turn it into a book or other keepsake.”

—Donna Smallin Kuper, organizing and cleaning expert,

Think Outside the (Storage) Box



“When looking for storage, consider inexpensive solutions and second hand items as kids grow quickly.  Other options include versatile furniture pieces, such as credenzas and dressers, that can be used for many years after a playroom is no longer in need.”

—Jen, I Heart Organizing

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