Get Your Teen to Tidy Up Their Bedroom

Get Your Teen to Tidy Up Their Bedroom

If you have a teenager, chances are good that you also have a messy bedroom in your home. For some reason, teenagers aren’t very excited when it comes to picking up after themselves. A little bit of clutter is okay. However, when it comes to having a filthy bedroom, it is unsanitary and also unacceptable. Here are some tips to help your teenager to have a tidy bedroom:

Ask for Suggestions
Find out what they need in order to straighten things up. For example, maybe the reason their bedroom is so dirty is because they don’t have a lot of storage space.

Pick Up the Shoes
If they have shoes on their floor, maybe they need a shoe basket to go inside the closet.

Invest in Hangers
If they have clean clothes laying around, maybe they need some more hangers. This is very reasonably fixed.

Buy a Bookshelf
Maybe your teen could use a bookshelf. If they had a place to put their books, video games, and everything else, they may be more likely to pick up after themselves.

Pick Up the Dirty Dishes
What about the dirty dishes? Every teenager is going to have dirty dishes in their bedroom. It is a fact of life. Talk with your teenager and find out what it would take to get them to bring their dirty dishes to the kitchen every night when they come to dinner. This way, the dishes would get washed with the dinner dishes. Then, every dish in the home would be clean for at least a few moments anyway.

You Can Help Them
Let your teenager know that if they don’t clean their bedroom, you would be happy to do it for them. Most teenagers don’t want their mom in their bedroom cleaning because they are hoping to keep things private. Usually, they will do whatever they can to keep you out of their bedroom as much as possible.

Vacuum Regularly
Have them vacuum once a week. If they have to vacuum the floor, they will always want to make sure that it has been picked up before they start vacuuming. Hopefully, this will get the big pieces off the floor. The small things will come up with the vacuum.

Reward Them
Let them have some friends over as soon as their bedroom has been cleaned. If they know that they are going to be rewarded in some way, they may be more likely to clean things up.

Encourage your teen to have a clean bedroom. When you have a clean home, you feel better about yourself.

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