Ground Beef Recipes Kids Love

Mark Boughton/ styling: Teresa Blackburn

From hamburgers to sloppy joes, ground beef has been an unshakeable stronghold in kid cuisine for generations. Moms praise the beef for its ease of preparation and kids adore the meaty and juicy taste. Here are two simple ways to get little hands involved in the kitchen while simultaneously working ground beef into your weeknight menu:

  • Taco Time: Setting up a taco bar for kids offers plenty of opportunities for cooking involvement. While you stand stove side and sauté a ground beef filling, have your kids set out bowls of their favorite taco toppings. If they are old enough to handle a knife, have them dice tomatoes, peppers and onions; if they are too little, instruct them to fill the bowls with dollops of sour cream or handfuls of cheese. Once the toppings and beef have been placed in their respective bowls on the counter, give your kids creative license to build their own tacos. For a ground beef taco recipe click the image above.

  • Mini Meatloaves: Boost kids’ confidence in the kitchen by putting them in charge of making personally sized meatloaves. They will have a blast molding the play-doh-like beef and feel empowered after seeing their dish from start to finish. Be sure to remain vigilantly involved during the process to make sure little ones don’t nibble on the surprisingly alluring (but bacteria filled) raw meat. For a miniature meatloaf recipe click the image above.
For more ground beef recipes check out our collection below.
—By Emily Arno
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