Halloween Tips for Parents

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Halloween Box of Carrots
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Parents have plenty to be scared of on Halloween—and we’re not talking bloodthirsty werewolves or chain-rattling ghosts. No, no—way scarier than that. The fright night visions we’re having are more along the lines of sugar-fueled kids pumped up on miniature candy bars, candy corn and Gummi Bears of every hue and flavor. The original Kitchenista (better known as food blogger Rachel Willen) offers up some coping strategies for parents to keep in mind before the Great Pumpkin appears, bags of candy in hand.

  • Look for packaged treats that are not too full of sugar and unhealthy ingredients.
  • Host a neighborhood Halloween end-of-the-driveway party for adults to hang out, stop by and have a snack while accompanying the kids around the neighborhood.
  • Homemade treats always trump bought ones—”bribe” your kids with goodies that look and taste better than anything that comes in a plastic wrapper. Who can resist Nutella S’mores made with homemade marshmallows and graham crackers?
  • Turn the candy into currency for other coveted items or donate the candy to a local dentist or orthodontist who “pays” out prizes for candy turned in.
  • Go through the candy with your kids and “save the best and toss the rest.”
  • Make rules about how much Halloween candy can be consumed daily.
  • Make sure trick-or-treaters get dinner or at least a quick, protein-rich snack to counteract all the sugar that will undoubtedly be consumed before the night is up. Here are a few recipes that will come in handy.

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